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As happens every year around now (smile), Marilyn works on the Auction PowerPoint -- and I try to help her with it as much as I can. This always requires CONVERTING music from whatever format (often .mp3) to the Microsoft format of .wma (you've probably heard me say this before). Last year (as you can read HERE) I was beside myself (!!!) trying to do the conversion. The software I'd used in the past was no longer an option -- and I couldn't seem to find one. I had to rely on Marilyn to find something, which is hardly normal around here. (Softwares are my work, after all!)

This year? I had the conversion done in ten minutes (actually well under that). How? I used the online converter locatted here at! Seriously, it couldn't have gone smoother.

Saturday and this morning I did some work for Marilyn on a potential background slide for the PowerPoint. Our new effect this year? Putting a transparent slide on top of whatever is underneath, then adding text to it. It actually works very well...

I'm also making the various pieces of text that she wants to float in (with transparent backgrounds). What should we learn from all this? People who are making TV commercials -- even on the local level -- should be doing a better job. Because it's not that difficult, if you know what you're doing. Marilyn and I use a really inexpensive graphics software (our old Paint Shop Pro version 9) and PowerPoint. And that's it!

Actually, if you want to, you can view our PowerPoint from last year over at YouTube. (It's HERE. Be sure to CLOSE the ads, or they'll cover up the bottom.) We recently learned how to use a software to make our PowerPoints into videos...

I'm hoping I won't get sick this year. I've been doing okay, even though I've been somewhat allergic. In 2010 I had a ton of issues, I guess. I haven't gone back and looked at my blog for that year, but my 2011 entries reference it. I got sick last year, too, but wasn't as bad...

Maybe this year I won't get sick at all. That would be fantastic!

On the amusing side, some guy is coming on to me at Facebook. He claims to be from the UK with the name Dennis -- but he writes English as if it's his second language, so I'm guessing he's from somewhere else, with a different name. And what does he really want? So far I'm entertained, but soon I'll just find him annoying -- then I'll unFriend and move on...

Well, I have more WORDS to create for the PowerPoint, so I guess I'll get back to it!

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