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Blustery Day in Autumn

The neighbors across the street (Estelle and Tom and Janet and Doug) had a joint yard sale today. I took a few things over and gave them to them to sell. (Just stuff I was planning to take to the Goodwill, anyway. Some shoes and rugs and stuff.)

Marilyn spent the day at the office working, not getting home until evening.

I did check out the books that I brought home from Mitch's house. I've had them airing outside since Wednesday in the sun. They smell fine to me, and I brought all of them into the house. This included the entire Harry Potter book set -- all in hardback! Mitch was a fan, but we never discussed it, for whatever reason. But for his 50th birthday he wanted a Harry Potter sheet cake -- and that's what we got him. It's a good memory...

The books also included Mitch's tennis books. I can't wait to go through all of them, including several on Stan Smith, who was Mitch's favorite player.

It was quite blustery today! I had the door open for the cats for a bit, but the wind was loud! And I was sneezing like mad several different times today. Of course, this is my bad time of year for allergies, and I was outside several times (for the books and the sale). It was still nice to get out, even if it does make me allergic. What a beautiful day. Blue, blue skies and sunshine.

Actually, we've got issues locally because it's so dry. The last year this dry goes all the way back into the 1800's, I guess. Imagine that! There have been a lot of fires, which isn't good, needless to say.

I made a few "Revenge" wallpapers and icons today. I didn't spend much time on them, but it was still fun. (I don't seem to find time for making either icons or wallpapers the way I used to...)

I make go make a few more. Who knows? (smile)

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