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Alumni Banquet? Check.

Marilyn, sister Sue and I did attend the Alumni Banquet tonight. And didn't get home from it until after 8:00. (sigh)

Um... the program was too long, the food was bad, the program was boring, too many people were honored. And the drinks were bad, too.

BUT, on the good side: We sat at a table with GREAT and fun people (!!!) -- quite an improvement over last year.

Amusing thing: Last year we sat with my class -- and this year we sat with my class, too! I've no idea why my year, as opposed to Marilyn's or Sue's (they were both far more popular in high school than I was, by a long shot). But totally different people this year! All quite lovely and a delight to visit with. I remember last year coming away thinking, '...this feels like being back in high school...' -- and NOT in a good way! Hahahahahaha.

Interestingly, I got a lot of congratulations from members of the crowd who had seen the article on me in the St. Johns Review. That's not really a huge surprise: I knew all along it would be the publication that reached others I've known my whole life, considering it's the local paper. At one point, though, when somebody was mentioning the Review, another person jumped in and added, "...but it was in The Oregonian, too!" So it's not like people in North Portland don't read Portland's major newspaper! (grin)

I also got quoted from the podium tonight. Tim -- the guy on the RHSAA board who was giving me info for the recent eBulletin I did -- mentioned my name and read what I'd put in said eBulletin. That came as a total surprise, I must say!

Well, we were glad to get home. It's been a BUSY week, that's for sure.

Tomorrow? I've got piles of IT to worry about in the morning. Hopefully that will go smoothly. I'll have both Donn and Kris there...

Christine is getting the new computer. We'll see how all the setup goes (much of it is mine to do).

Nap time!

(For the record, I've felt much better today. I was singing out loud at the store and laughing and just in a good mood.)

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