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Another Busy Day... an eNewsletter, IT -- Plus Website. Triple Header!

Today I did another eNewsletter. Okay, we called it an eBulletin. It was single-column style, but HTML. It had another special header banner and looked good, if I do say so myself...

We were pimping out the documentary film "UnDivided" -- it's a part of Roosevelt's Homecoming weekend, which starts Thursday night with the Alumni Banquet. (The link here goes to the preview version.) The film will be shown at the local McMenamins next Sunday afternoon.

Anyway, this turned out well -- and I finally got it done and sent out this evening...

The thing with the RHSAA eNewsletters is that I have to start out by blogging them at WordPress. We link this as our Blog/News page at the website -- items can be actual blog entries, or news, depending on our needs. Once it's put up there, we can link to it in the version we send out using Constant Contact -- which allows us to use a coded HTML version.

Unfortunately we can't put the coded version into our blog -- the dimensions just won't work (the column is too small -- and I don't want to make the eNewsletters any less wide). Unlike here at LiveJournal where you can really change your theme, this isn't a simple option over at WordPress (where you pay for everything additional, even color swaps). I wonder if we should have used LiveJournal. I don't remember WHY we decided not to (we use it for the festival blog -- and have a permanent LJ for our Centennial 'story blog,' which is a collection of historic stories) -- but I think it was very much my idea not to. (Really, Charlie? But you love LiveJournal!) Anyway...

Marilyn was at work until 8:30 tonight (for a change -- hahahahaha). Seriously, I don't know how she does it day after day after day. She's probably sound asleep on the sofa as I type this...

I was snoozin' away this morning when I got a call from the office about computer issues. I don't think Kris has fixed the new problem -- nor the Auction-related one, either. He said he'd get in there today, but I'm pretty sure he didn't. (sigh) I spent a lot of time on trying to get it fixed from here, to no avail. So much for sleeping in later. I've been having trouble sleeping nights recently, for whatever reason...

And I did some website work, as well. Both for the festival and for RHSAA. Things are pretty decent at the RHSAA site, finally. Hopefully those visiting it are happy.

Tim sent me the info for the film event -- and was very nice about the work I'd done on the eBulletin, I have to say! I wish everyone could be as nice to work with on such things...

Well, it's late (nearly midnight) and I'm tired. So I'm off for bed. Hope I can sleep tonight!

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