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Beach House -- We're BACK!

We didn't get our early start that we'd hoped for, which made Marilyn a little crazy, but we did get down to our beach house. And that's what counts! It's always so nice to come here.

We did have friend green tomatoes (with reds and zucchini) for dinner last night, by the way. A lovely treat. We probably won't get them too many more times this season.

Tonight we went shopping at our local Safeway. The only real grocery in Seaside is Safeway, which is fine. But Safeway as far from the best customer service. It's not about the individual clerks, who I think are good. It's about store policy and attitude. You can't blame the employees when there's only one person doing check-outs for the entire store, for example...

We can go to Fred Meyer, but it's quite a distance -- twenty minutes away (one way). So we go there less frequently.

Anyway, we got Greek olives with feta cheese and some sliced pepper jack cheese and made a feast of those for our dinner tonight. Nice!

We did go and walk on the beach in the dark. The tide was way out, so it was quite a walk to get to the waves! The fog was starting to roll in and there was the smell of fires on the beach. Lovely.

We could really hear the ocean in the house when we got back -- even with all the windows closed! I know most people would probably be shocked that we hear it so clearly, considering we're not right near the sea by a long shot. But you really hear it -- especially at night for some reason. (Probably because there's less traffic and the kids are asleep and not making noise outside like they do during the day.)

The cats just continue to love being here. It's hard to say how you can tell that, but they seem to be so content -- just the way we are.

One sour note for today. Remember the IT from yesterday that went so well? Apparently the GreaterGiving software didn't install correctly after all. I had to put Kris on fixing it. He wasn't thrilled, but I wasn't changing my beach plans with Marilyn to go to the office...

Kris contacted me that GreaterGiving wasn't open to provide support, so that will have to happen on Monday. I hope he plans to get on that! I didn't actually speak to him -- he just left me messages about it...

Disappointing, anyway. But I'm not letting it bother my weekend.

Mitch is very much on my mind these days. I find myself thinking about him a lot...

Tomorrow we have sister Sue, Nicole, Ulises (Nicole's BF) -- and maybe Candy -- coming down. Sort of a surprise, to be honest. We were expecting Sue, but everybody else was last minute... I'm sure we'll all have fun.

We're heading to bed soon, as Marilyn wants to get a walk in tomorrow morning...

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