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Yep, Busy, Again! Another eNewsletter and More Website...

Do you ever get tired of me talking about being 'busy again'??? I do! Hahahahahaha. Imagine a day where I say I wasn't busy and had nothing to do... Or -- dare I even say -- that I was bored... (!!!)

Anyway, yesterday I did the RHSAA eNewsletter (in one day, setting up a totally new template, mind you). And today I did the festival's eNewsletter. I had already done the banner (I shared it HERE), so that didn't need doing, at least. But I was so brain dead (apparently) that I totally FORGOT to include an article about my award as part of the first draft! (yikes) How stupid can you get? I totally knew this was supposed to be three-fold: Auction, Pinnacles and Volunteer award. But I spaced it, entirely, until Marilyn reminded me!

It's just hard to believe how long stuff has gone on about the Volunteer of the Year award. I found out ages ago and there's been so much: TV, newspapers, magazines, online, YouTube and on and on. Plus going to Denver, the presentation and my speech. It's kind of hard to keep track of it all, to tell you the truth! Yesterday they apparently played one of my TV interviews again. I was SURPRISED to hear that, but we did just send out the Press Release about Pinnacles -- and my award was mentioned again inside that. So I guess it's not as odd as I first thought when I heard it. Plus the local north Portland newspaper (finally) had an article about it, and it came out yesterday, too.

So I've been getting more emails and calls and stuff again today, which is nice. But I don't think I'd ever get used to so much attention. I can't imagine how actual celebrities must feel (especially the ones who aren't into the limelight). Again, I would have NEVER GUESSED it would be like this...

It's nice that some of my friends who appeared in the video IFEA made (with all the photos) have now seen it -- and are excited to be included! I'm glad it's made so many people happy. I need to be sure some others who were in there see it, too. I keep planning to send out links, but somehow I don't quite get around to it. And there are so MANY things to link! I think I'll email and ask people if they really do want those links, because I don't want to be seen as SPAMMING anyone. It's a hard line to walk. I know people want me to share, but I don't want anyone to think I'm all over myself about this!

Well, two eNewsletters in two days. I deserved the award I got for the festival eNewsletter, frankly! Hahahahahahaha. Look, it's a lot of hard work, so why not? And Mike (the President of the RHSAA) sent me a long 'thank you' email today about the one that went yesterday. He was pleased by the improvements.

Constant Contact (the email service that RHSAA uses) is MUCH HARDER to work with than CoolerEmail. I never had to phone anybody to tell me how to use my own HTML with Cooler, even back when I was first starting to use it. But at least the Constant Contact people got me pointed in the right direction. I've written up a few notes, but I'm not sure who I'd share them with. The first step is to be able to do basic HTML, before you can actually use it for this purpose...

But I do have great templates. I explain things all through the code. I'd have KILLED (well, almost) to have this back when I created my original template years ago. Now I comment all over code, just to make it easier for whomever is using it -- me, or someone else.

Garbage and recycling for this week? DONE! I just finished up. It's past 7:00 p.m. now, and Marilyn is dealing with Nominating at work. I don't envy her! She's had a busy week, so far.

As for website stuff, I got some done for both the festival and the RHSAA sites. I'd love to get the Court stuff I need, because I'd prefer NOT to be working on the festival website this weekend. However, I've got a deadline of October 1 to get that up, so if I don't get it in a timely fashion tomorrow, guess what? You guessed it! Hahahahahahaha. So much for no work over the weekend!

Marilyn's come home -- pretty EARLY for her (she left the office by 7:00!!!). So we're off to have some dinner!

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