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Work at the Festival Office...

I was late getting to work today. Marilyn knew I was fighting off a bug, so she let me sleep in. I phoned sister Sue when I got up and she took me down town. I came in to Staff meeting about half-way through, but better late than not at all.

I got a bunch of IT done today. Mainly I took care of Christie's computer issues. She's now back to 'normal' -- or back to where she was more than a month ago (finally). I have a very specific way I set up all the computers in the office. I like them all as identical as possible, which makes it easier for me and anyone else who is doing support -- and it helps the users to be able to function a lot easier, too. So I have a certain way the Task Bar will look and the Desktop and Systray and so on. We're still operating on WinXP, using Firefox as our browser-of-choice.

Anyway, I spent part of the day working on the banner for the next eNewsletter, which will hopefully go out this Thursday. The banner turned out nice, if I do say so myself! (You can view it HERE if you're interested...)

We went directly to the store after work, getting home around 8:30 p.m., I think. I know "Remington Steele" was already on, anyway. (smile) We watched the very end, so I'm thinking it could have been closer to 9:00... Then we watched an episode of "The Mod Squad" from our DVR.

Saw the new show "Vegas." (Marilyn was asleep during most of it.) Not sure if I like it or not. It kept me interested, anyway.

I should be finishing up the News item that needs to be at the website first thing tomorrow. But I think I'll wait and do it first thing in the morning, instead. I'm tired tonight and don't feel like doing more work right now.

I have a dental appointment tomorrow. Probably another root canal, unless I have her do something else first. Sister Sue will drop me off early on her way to pick up Nicole from school, I think. (Of course, maybe not. Sue told Marilyn that Nicole has been riding the school bus home when she gets out of classes, so maybe that's a moot point now.)

Marilyn went with Sue to see her doctor yesterday. Exercise actually can HELP Sue's breathing (woo hoo), so she's being encouraged to exercise more. Previously there was some question about her trying to exercise -- so Marilyn made a point of asking about it. Anything that can make life better for Sue is great by Marilyn and me!

Yahoo! Mail apparently has a current issue with hackers. I had to reset my password today -- and give a phone number where Yahoo! could send some code to make it all work. Seriously? What if you don't WANT to give out a phone number? What then??? (sigh) They forced me to use the 'new' version, rather than Classic Mail (which I'd been promised I could keep). I was pissed beyond belief, especially as I've had a PAID Yahoo account for years now. People keep saying to switch to another email and I guess maybe I should really think about it.

Kris is coming in on Friday so he and I can do the Auction software update -- which has been hanging over my head. I'll be glad to get that done!

Well, I think I'll lie down. Either have a nap or go to sleep for the night. I'm beat. I hope I'm not getting a cold. The neighbors across the street have had the flu, apparently -- and Doug said bugs were flying around. Great to hear. Not!

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