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Busy Tuesday -- Getting Ready for Denver

Well, today was quite busy. I (finally) colored my hair (!!!), one of the last things I needed to get done before we head to Denver.

I haven't taken any photos of my hair now that it's done, as yet -- but I do have a photo of my gold pedicure! (Why is it so hard to take a photo of your own foot, by the way? Hahahahaha.) I do love gold toenails, for whatever reason.

pedicure - 2012 September

I also did a bunch of picking up, organizing and even some cleaning around the house today. I need to message myself the photos, as they're on my iPhone... Maybe I'll share them later on. I just need to finish this blog entry and head for a hot bath. My hip is making me crazy tonight (not sure why). A soak will do it good, though!

I cleaned in the kitchen, living room and my bathroom, which all look much nicer now. I even mopped the floors in the kitchen and bath -- and dusted in the living room a bit. (It could stand to be vacuumed, if I can find the time before we leave...) It will be so nice to come back to a clean house! It's been hard to find the TIME to do much cleaning lately, so I'm glad I spent the hours on it today.

I also need to do a few clothes and get things ready to take. Marilyn needs to go tomorrow to pick up our uniform jackets that we dropped off at the dry cleaners! We'd be in a bad way without those...

I need to remember to take my camera, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, CHARGERS and so on. I know it's only a VERY SHORT TRIP, but still! I'm a techno girl, after all. Hahahahahaha.

Well, I guess that's it for today. Too bad I don't have those other photos to share. At least I'm able to load a few things up at LJ's Scrapbook again! That's good news...

In IT news (sigh), Christie directly contacted Kris (!!!) instead of going through me. Really??? Plus if she'd at least cc:ed me, I could have FIXED her problems when we were at the office last night for hours. Now she's probably going to have to wait until next week. (I doubt I'll make it to the office tomorrow...)

Couldn't help Ashley with the missing software on the NoteTaking laptop. (sigh) It's going to have to wait until next week, too.

You know, there's ALWAYS a bunch of IT to do. Always.

Finally, I postponed my dental appointment that was set for tomorrow. I'll see Mary next week, instead. This was originally her idea, so I'm sure she's fine with it. (No point in risking some reaction right before the trip...)

Just watched "Remington Steele," and started on an episode of "The Mod Squad" -- but Marilyn dozed off. So...

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