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Mitch's Memorial -- The Photo Board

Marilyn and I spent a couple hours working on getting Mitch's photo board ready for his Memorial next Sunday. We needed to get a decent start, as we don't have much TIME this week, I'm afraid!

We leave for Denver on Thursday morning (September 20), and don't get back until Saturday evening (September 22). In the meantime, it's all about being ready to go!

It's NEVER easy for Marilyn to be out of the office, so she's slammed, of course. And budgets are due at work right now (really???) -- proving once again that timing is everything. Well, she's been working her ass off every second -- and was in the office late every night except Friday night last week (with no breaks). The Arcadia book project had her busy as a bee. But she's always got piles of work (nominating and you name it). So I think others should easily understand if she can make some of these deadlines...

We've printed out most of the photos of Mitch, I think. And cut them out. Now we just need to buy the boards and start laying them out! Just. Right. That's going to be a lot of work, but it'll be worth it.

If worse comes to worse we could always finish up late Saturday night after we get home -- or first thing Sunday morning. Nothing like needing to wait until the last minute! But timing is what it is, as I said...

If I can get the house in some decent order (picked up a bit, if not really clean), AND get my hair colored and clothes ready TOMORROW -- then maybe I'll go to the office on Wednesday. We'll see. Originally I was planning to go in on Tuesday (tomorrow), but I changed my mind. My hair and clothes are a PRIORITY right now, so whatever. There's nothing at work that won't keep until next week, if need be...

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