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Different Day, More IT...

Marilyn and I were at the office by 7:30 a.m. today. Yeah, it was hard getting up -- but SHE is amazing! She just drives herself no matter how tired she is...

Marilyn was beat last night. She worked until past 7:00 p.m. again and had another hard day. (Which has been true for her all this week, actually.) The book project is on major deadline and simply couldn't happen without her input! (Both in the selection of photos and in writing captions.)

Me, today? It's about more IT! (surprise)

I brought the new laptop in and set up our auction software on it (the GreaterGiving program). Then I moved the actual database there. I had to phone the GreaterGiving support people to get this done correctly, by the way. I'd assumed I could put the database pretty much anywhere, then point to it, but that wasn't the case. It's clearly different on a stand-alone computer than on a network, where I can place the data on any drive and in any folder...

I met with Ashley more than once and made sure she was comfortable with the new machine and using the auction software ONLY there -- and not on her networked computer! The minute I put it from the network to the laptop it was converted (to the latest version of the software), so it's even more complicated than just keeping the current data separate from the old data.

I wanted to update all the individual machines in here that were running GreaterGiving -- but you have to update the Server first. I tried that last year and failed, so I'm waiting on Kris. Hopefully he can SHOW ME HOW this year -- then I'll be able to do it alone from here on out. That would be groovy!

Then I worked on the 'new' machine we bought during the festival. I struggled to get it on the network (the process is completely different than it was in the past when I used to do it all the time and knew it like the back of my hand). I finally got it added, then of course couldn't navigate to the server drives. (sigh) So I hunted down the batch file (it took me ages to find it!) and copied it over so it was available on the new machine. Then I had to remember how to add it to the start up, which I haven't done in years, I swear. (Or it seems like years, anyway.) Finally I got that done, so it would get the computer pointed where it needed to be.

Now I'm STUCK on trying to add printers. I got the Ricoh (our copy machine) added okay, but not the other two machines. (big sigh) Not for want of trying, though! Where the HELL the actual drivers are, I have no clue. But I tried tons of drivers per each printer to no avail...

Meanwhile I hunted for photos for Marilyn (no go -- I didn't have the cool photo she wanted) and tried to help her when she had an error regarding some data she didn't save but needed to. There should be some way to avoid this issue better, that's for sure...

Kris was originally coming in this morning. Nope, he ran long. Then he told me 2:30. It's now AFTER 3:00 p.m. (surprise) and he's still not here. I wouldn't mind so much, but I'm starving and don't dare leave to get a bite -- if he shows and I'm not here it's going to be ugly...

So I have three things on my list for him, now, rather than two. I hope he's going to get here and get them DONE for me. I'm in a real bind.

Marilyn and I both knew this would be a long, hard day before it ever started. I'm sure it's all going to turn out well, but we need to hang in there. I wish I could have helped her -- I felt bad for her problem! I certainly hope Kris can help ME, as I'm up that creek without a paddle right now.

You'd think I was an idiot, I swear! I used to be able to do more of this stuff. I'm happy for what I can still do, but still! Damn, it's frustrating. Seriously.

I'm ... hungry ... and ... slightly ... cranky. But fighting it. Marilyn and I have promised ourselves a TREAT at the end of today -- it we're good! So I'm going to ignore the cranky part. Christine laughed when I said Kris was due at 2:30 -- and told me I had an hour to wait, at least. Well, it's been more than 40 minutes since I expected him now.

Oh! Just got a text message. He's STILL at his 1:00 appointment (which I don't think was CLOSE to our office). That's great news (not). He's now saying 5:00 or LATER. Great. Just terrific...

All I want is for him to do all the tasks I need today. But I need to MANAGE that -- IT Manager is the title and managing the work is what I do, after all. (sigh)

On that note, I'm off to look for food, I think. I don't know what, but something. Crap. (big sigh)

I promise my NEXT entry will not be about IT! Hahahahahaha. Right.

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