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IT Day -- New NoteTaking Computer

Last night Marilyn and I went to Walmart after she got home from work (around 7:00 p.m.). We bought the new 'NoteTaking' computer for the office. We needed it right away, as it's going to be the computer used for the auction in Denver next week by Ashley.

We got a Toshiba, Satellite C855-S5214 (see it at the official site HERE), for $368. (It's $428.99 at the official website, so that's a nice savings of $60.99!)

I've been doing all the necessary setup today. I'll finish it TOMORROW, because I'm missing some of the software it needs (it's at the office). Kris is coming in tomorrow, too -- hopefully that means he'll have Christie's computer ready to go. In three days it will have been out for one month! (sigh)

Originally I asked Kris to move Brenda's computer over to Christie's space until it could be fixed. But instead he moved Sara's computer there. The problem? Brenda was Seasonal and is gone -- we won't replace her until next year. Sara is permanent and just started back again this week! That means she doesn't have her computer and is having to use another one! (sigh) Very annoying. And there's nothing to give her until Christie has her own machine back. Then Sara gets her computer back and all is well with the world. In theory, at least! Hahahahaha.

I'm hoping we'll also buy another of the Toshiba laptops for our new 'Presentation' laptop (used when we do PowerPoints for various presentations around town). There's talk of getting a third computer, too -- but I'm guessing that needs to come out of next year's budget.

Speaking of, we need to try and buy Microsoft Office Suite 2010, as well. So Kris is going to check out the cost of multi-licenses for the same. Our package for the festival office ran out with MS Office Suite 2007, I'm afraid. Kris says he thinks we need a deal for 35, and I agree. We never seem to get ENOUGH of them...

Is all this IT rambling boring? Sorry! That's where my head is today...

Sister Sue and I did take a break to run to the store and get kitty litter. (It's garbage day.) And then we went out for Chinese for lunch. But she got sick, so it was a pretty QUICK lunch, I have to say!

Well, I'd better either get back to work or start doing the garbage and recycling now. Time's a-wastin' (as Aunt Mabel always said)...

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