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11 Years Later.

Eleven years later. How can it be that long?

It's so difficult to put anything about that day into words. But the story that I'm especially moved by this year can be read HERE -- discussing the life and death of Father Mychal Judge.

As Marilyn and I were listening to stories last night, she said that we should have a day just to do nothing but listen to the astounding stories surrounding 9-11. For example, the story of Ann Nelson and her 'bucket list' inspired Annie's House -- that in keeping with her passion for both skiing and volunteer work will be an 11,000 square foot ski lodge built to accommodate disabled children and injured U.S. troops. You can read more about it HERE.

ETA (edited to add): I want to include THIS LINK to a video about the DOG HEROES of 9-11. Wonderful images that burn into your heart...

When we look at the evil that came out of that day, we must immediately force ourselves to look at the GOOD. No one needs to tell us 'Never Forget' -- as if we could possibly forget, even if we wanted to! No one needs to try and create false emotions, because we already feel so strongly about that day.

I like the idea that the fear and hurt are balanced by all the good. In fact, the negative feelings are buried under mountains of good things!

Dealing with loss is never easy, no matter when it happens. Most of our losses aren't as 'important' as the losses that happened on 9-11 -- but the message remains the same. The bad will be buried by good. We'll go on, and try to do better tomorrow and be better people tomorrow and bury the bad with good. And that should always be our goal.

I'll never forget 9-11 -- and I don't need the anniversary of that day to remind me of the lessons we learned.

But now it's 'history' -- and it's up to all of us who do remember it to bring it home to the next generation who doesn't remember the event. To remind them that it wasn't just about evil and the bad that happened -- and to draw focus to the good. That's never easy. People would often prefer to feel angry and vengeful and hurt. To dwell on loss and pain instead of looking for every single good moment that was there that day and has happened since that day -- and there's so much good.

We're still hearing stories we never heard before and it's more than a decade later...

We can be agents of good in the world if we decide to be. It's all about how we decide to view things and how we prefer to live our lives.

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