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A Walk Near Our Beach House...

Have I mentioned how much I HATE the 'new' (and 'improved' -- ha!) Scrapbook here at LiveJournal? You know, mine USED to work -- but now it won't. I spent over an hour trying to get it to today, and I really don't have that kind of time to waste on things... Anyway, I'm planning to complain, for all the good that will do me, I'm sure.

I wanted to post photos directly from my Scrapbook into this entry, but it wouldn't work no matter how hard I tried. So if you want to see the photos from our walk today, you'll need to go HERE to view them. Seriously, I'm as sorry as anyone that you can't just LOOK at them, but I don't know what to do about it.

You know, it's a sad day when I'm comparing LiveJournal to Facebook and finding FB superior. But I had no trouble posting the images there, with captions. And I never got close here at LJ (where I spent ages trying). So guess what?

Now I have visual proof of how rural the area right by our beach house really is, horses, slugs, blackberries and all! So I do hope some of you will take time to view the photos, even if it isn't a simple thing...

Marilyn and I took a walk up the nearby road that's only minutes from our house. We probably only walked for 15/20 minutes, tops. Seriously! And look at all the fields and forest close by. Lovely, isn't it?

We have the best of all worlds here. We're right near downtown Seaside -- with tons to do. We're minutes from the beach -- sand and ocean. And we're close to wilderness and farm areas, as well. Pretty darn nice, if you ask me! And we can hear the ocean at night, even if we can't see it from our house...

How the cats (Colin and Henry) both LOVE it here, by the way! They seem so healthy and happy at this house -- content beyond belief. You'd think they might not like being uprooted from the only home they've ever known since young kittenhood (our Portland house), but that's really NOT the case! Henry seems to eat more (he needs to) while here and Colin seems to eat less (he needs to). In fact, Colin's appetite seems healthier, period, ever since first coming here.

I think they love the constant fresh air. At the Portland house there's no way to leave windows open all day or all night and be safe -- but that's entirely possible here, as there's really no way for anyone to reach the upstairs windows with any ease (and without being seen by our neighbors -- who all keep an eye peeled, by the way!). And the air seems so very refreshing here. You wouldn't think it would be sea air for miles around, but it really is. Interesting!

We were planning to head back tomorrow, but now we may not. It's hard not to want to STAY once we get here. And we've got a lot of people looking out for our Portland home, so all is well there, too...

Well, I'm off to finish cleaning up the kitchen. We had a late dinner of fried green tomatoes (plus zucchini and red tomatoes, for some change). Delicious!

Tennis was good today, too! Loving the U.S. Open.

Saw the first episode of "Remington Steele" tonight! Marilyn and I were always huge fans, so it was great fun to watch again!!!

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