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Wildlife Safari!

Well, it looks like LJ ate my entry for yesterday (!!!). So please note that I'm deliberately backdating this post. (I didn't spend the entire month blogging to miss one of the last two days because of an LJ glitch!)

Yesterday was EXHAUSTING, but fun -- as is always true of going to Wildlife Safari. (It's more than 3 1/2 hours to drive there, each way.)

Note for the future: Three people will NOT fit in the back seat of our car. (Which is what I told sister Sue before we ever tried it.) This is especially bad for a long trip. And I pulled way forward to give them more room, which meant I didn't have decent leg space for the entire ride, as well. NOT COMFORTABLE. Not even close. (Never try this again, no matter how far we're going...)

We got to see a lot of wonderful animals, as always. I'm not going to share a bunch of animal photos, though. (smile) That could go on forever! But here are a few photos of US on this trip!


On the way there at the rest stop - Charlie pops out from behind a tree (always a fave pose).

Madyson, Grandma Sue and Nicole by the bear carving at Wildlife Safari (that's our sister Sue, by the way).

Madyson and Nicole are very close. (One year apart in age - Madyson is in her second year at high school this year, and Nicole is a freshman.)

The girls ride a camel - they loved this!

Marilyn poses by a topiary at Wildlife Safari.

Fuzzy!!! Charlie poses by a palm.

Sister Sue and Marilyn at a rest stop on the way home.

Marilyn is a good sport - she has to do all the driving both ways (and put up with all the complaining...).

The best part of the trip??? The Elephant Car Wash!!! Alice the elephant was kind enough to 'wash' our car (yes, there's an extra fee of $20 involved). We were lucky to get this done, as they don't normally do it on Thursdays (which we didn't know in advance). We had Alice in 2010, too. (As mentioned HERE.) More photos!


Pull on up for the ELEPHANT CAR WASH!

That's our car with Alice the elephant starting to wash it down.

Look at her blowing water out of her trunk on our windows!

Alice really gets into this! She just sprays water all over the car!

Time to use the sponge!

With a few finishing touches, our car is 'clean.'

No, this isn't really designed to clean the car -- it's designed to make you almost explode with happy laughter! It's really one of the most joyful experiences -- and hard to describe. But so much fun! Worth every $$$, that's for sure.

The only sad moments were remembering that our last trip included our (now deceased) friend, Mitch (back in 2010). We had hoped to go with him again this year... Mitch loved the elephant car wash! The four of us (Mitch, sister Sue, Marilyn and me) laughed so hard I thought we'd pop when we went together...

It was a long ride (as I've already said), so it's a lot for Marilyn (especially after having been under the weather lately). But she was a trooper, as always! And we got to visit a lot with Sue during the trip.

Marilyn and I actually can't wait to go back again!

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