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Errands Today -- Green Tomatoes!

Marilyn and I both washed our hair before running errands today...

Marilyn's oral surgery seems to continue to improve -- as does her rash. But she still needs to take it easy, which she can.

One of the things we did was go to Sauvie Island to Kruger's Farm Market to U-Pick green tomatoes! (woo hoo) These are our first greenies of the season! (Of the YEAR, if we're being technical. Probably goes without saying, as there are no green tomatoes in winter or spring -- and not until late summer...)

The new icon that I made is actually a photo of me from last year (2011), and not a new one. But we didn't haul the camera along today, so...

You know, since getting my smart phone, I often don't even take my camera with me places. The iPhone has such a GREAT built in camera that I don't feel as nervous that I'll miss shots I want. Of course, it still doesn't take the photos my amazing camera does, but it's certainly a lot easier to drag along! Hahahahaha.

Glad to get the shopping at Walmart done last night and the errands done today. We had to force ourselves to go and finish up the shopping at Freddies, but we did it. (Hurray for us.)

Tomorrow we're off to Wildlife Safari with sister Sue and her two granddaughters (our grand nieces), Nicole and Madyson. Nicole starts high school this year -- Madyson did last year. It's a long drive, so we have to get an early start (around 8:00 a.m. is when we need to take off). The Elephant Car Wash closes at 3:00 p.m., for example, so you have to get there as early as you can not to miss out on things... Marilyn is driving, so she needs to take it easy for the rest of today, I think, to get ready for the long road trip.

Yeah, the car will be pretty PACKED with five us, but hopefully it won't be too uncomfortable (fingers crossed).

Well, I'm off for a read and a nap! Wow, vacation is exhausting...

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