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Marilyn's Tooth? Pulled at Last!

Marilyn got her broken (and badly infected) tooth pulled today, at long last. What a relief to have that done!

She's been pretty miserable still today, dealing with her rash (which does seem to be getting better), the numbness and discomfort of the oral surgery and the need for rest after the shock to the body. She's only been in a little pain, which is a good thing. But we were trying to sit upstairs in the office together, and she got dizzy and had to come back downstairs to recline on the sofa. She needs to take it easy -- good thing this is vacation time!

I'm using my laptop (which I usually keep downstairs) to type this blog entry. Normally I blog on my desktop, upstairs in our home office...

Marilyn is watching an episode of classic "Charlie's Angels" as I write this. We also saw a favorite "The Mod Squad" yesterday (featuring Julie and Vincent Price), and saw another one today. We love "The Mod Squad" more than I can say. What fun to have it playing in reruns on TV!

We also saw "Leverage" with a D.B. Cooper focus yesterday. (I think I mentioned that before.) Very entertaining!

I still need to share my list of books read in August, which just went from six to seven! And I'll probably still read more before the month ends.

Well, hopefully Marilyn will feel better tomorrow. I'd love to see the rash really fade away (and stop itching), see the fallout from the tooth resolve and her overall illness gone. She's had several rough weeks -- especially this past week! I can't think of anyone LESS deserving of all this stress and discomfort than Marilyn.

We're hopeful we'll be able to go to Wildlife Safari on Thursday of this week, if she's feeling up to it, of course. Our plan is to go with sister Sue and her granddaughters, Nicole and Madyson. So keep your fingers crossed for us that Marilyn will be up to it, will you?

And that's it for today...

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