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Update on Marilyn (for Saturday)...

Marilyn seems to be getting better. What she apparently has is called a 'drug rash' (you can google it). It's a reaction to her antibiotics (as I've mentioned before).

She's still pretty miserable and feeling sick from the effects. Her skin is ON FIRE -- really, really hot to the touch. Scary hot. (sigh)

I'll be glad when she's MUCH better -- not just a little bit. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Tomorrow she gets her tooth pulled, thank God. So that should take care of the issue with her mouth pain. I hope to God, anyway (I'm praying about it).

We're both watching "Leverage" about D.B. Cooper right now. Very entertaining.

The day has been quiet. We did go out, but sunshine about kills her right now, so we need to be cautious. We took a quick ride to Sauvie Island and got hot dogs and corn (tasty!). That was it...

Another lazy day of watching TV and reading and napping. Not bad for vacation, anyway!

Tags: 2012, august-2012, d-b-cooper, dental, lazy, marilyn, marilyn-sick, nap, rash, reading, tv

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