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Rash or Hives? It's All Red...

Poor Marilyn!

Stressful months of the festival, recent stressful weeks of work, a broken tooth that goes bad and swells up and gives her pain -- you'd think that would be enough for any one person to deal with. Not so!

Today she broke out in a rash (hives?) -- probably a reaction to the antibiotic. When I phone Mary, she recommends an over the counter remedy. That's fine, but Marilyn had a deadline to meet and couldn't go for the meds until past 4:00 p.m.

She's suffering in an entirely different way now. The rash is all over her body (including her scalp). The meds haven't touched it that we can see, so far. She's about to take a bath in vinegar water. Keep your fingers crossed that it works, will you?

Tomorrow we have to leave the house bright and early to go to the memorial for Kris' mother, June. (Interesting how many people we know with the name June. It must be more common than one would think...) It's all the way in Canby, Oregon. We'll probably not be back in Portland until after noon tomorrow...

My interview went well. I wasn't sure, but Rich said it was great -- much better than last time. I was really happy with last time, so if that's the case I'll be quite glad. Anyway, we're done with that now. (Both Jeff and Brett were also interviewed. Jeff had on a dark blue festival shirt -- Brett was in a suit, as always.)

Sister Sue is off to a cribbage tournament this weekend. We're thinking about driving down to see Hood to Coast tomorrow. We can't really stay down at the beach, as Marilyn has her oral surgery on Monday. Anyway, I guess we'll see what we do...

We're now officially on vacation. (We always take the last week in August and the first week of September.) It was amazing that Marilyn didn't end up in the office until 8:00 or (much) later. Normally when she's headed on vaca, that's what happens. Not so today -- but everyone was feeling bad for her needing to be at work at all with that damn rash!

I'm hoping I won't need to do a bunch of IT during vacation. Jeff promised he'd 'have my back' on IT for the next two weeks, so we'll see how that goes...

Not bothering to mention the drama about Taylor and the arrangements for Mitch's memorial from today. Let's just say he didn't care if Marilyn and I could be there or not. Wouldn't you think the people CLOSEST TO MITCH (at least in recent years) should be able to attend? Enough said (for now, anyway).

Bed soon. Gotta get up early!

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