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Another Root Canal? Yes.

I just got back from having another root canal (I had one last Wednesday, too). I'm glad I forced myself to do it, but, gee, did it hurt... (Sister Sue kindly took me.)

I woke up with a fever and not feeling all that well. I think I'm fighting a bug of some kind. Anyway, I'm now headed for a nap. I would have liked to sleep in today, but there were MORE IT issues at the office, so...

I did get some changes and additions done for the RHSAA website, as we'd discussed during our meeting last night. So that's cool...

I can't bring myself to go into (bitch about) the IT stuff right now. Let's just say it's a huge can of worms -- and I can't live with it. But I guess I'll have to, regardless.

Tomorrow I must color my hair, no matter what! I have another TV interview on Friday, and must look good for it (as Marilyn reminded me).

That's it for now.

Tags: 2012, august-2012, dental, hair, interview, it-management, it-manager, marilyn, nap, rhsaa, root-canal, sick, sister-sue, tv, website

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