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IT Day From Hell...

I can't really even go into all the details. But this was an IT day from hell. No doubt.

And Chris called me out about Christie's computer (lack of a good one) during Staff meeting in front of the entire staff. Not cool. Marilyn didn't let it go, though -- you'd better believe it. (Though she was too professional to get him in that meeting!)

Christie still doesn't have her computer back. And with Kris preparing for his mother's memorial on Saturday next, that's no surprise. She'll just have to wait.

Meanwhile, the 'spare' (new) computer bought during the festival is worthless to me at this point -- considering Windows has NOT been activated (!!!). Donn is planning to come in tomorrow or Thursday for that, thankfully. (As he should, considering I thought he had this computer READY TO GO for me...)

Tried to change passwords today and that was a can of worms! I can't believe I'm not able to just change these as in the past without ISSUES. But no. And Kris helped me fix things, but didn't really want to! What a day, what a day.

And the other 'spare' (old, donated) computers I thought I had? Apparently these are minus hard drives. So how exactly are those working for me???

After work we had an RHSAA meeting (at Chris S.'s house) -- and we were barely on time for it. Traffic at that time of night is brutal, I have to say. The meeting went well, though.

Believe it or not, I've offered to help with the future eNewsletters. Which should be a breeze for me, considering! (By that I refer to three awards in three years that I won for my eNewsletters for the festival...)

I never mentioned that Marilyn and I went and got both our pedicures and manicures done yesterday, by the way. I have yellow tips this time around! Very summery and fun. (And back to French on my toes...)

I must have been feverish again last night -- I had HORRIBLE nightmares that made it hard for me to sleep. Yes, I'm still taking my antibiotics (sigh). I'm doing the best I can right now to be healthy.

Talked to Taylor (Mitch's brother) today. More about that later. I just can't go there right now.

I have another interview with local TV on Friday of this week. Supposedly this will be a LONGER (!!!) interview than last time. Seriously? I was interviewed at length last time, even though they didn't use that much of it. AND I was followed around the office while I worked. So... I guess I should plan for more of the same!

Anyway, I fixed dinner when we got home (burger patties, sliced tomato, cottage cheese and brussels sprouts), and we watched "The Mod Squad." Marilyn has already dozed off, and I'm going to lie down and read until I fall asleep. It's all good!

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