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2012 Volunteer of the Year

The icon that's displaying with this entry is one of the professional photos that was taken of me by the festival (well, Marilyn arranged it with a photographer we use for Court photos) -- specifically for use with our media release of the following:

Charlie wins 2012 Volunteer of the Year

I was told this weeks ago -- and the announcement came as a total surprise! Yes, I knew I'd been nominated -- Marilyn wrote and submitted the nomination. But we'd both been pretty convinced I wouldn't win, as it's always a strong field of contenders (probably needless to say).

I'm going to do something rather extraordinary now: I'm going to share a bunch of links that have my full name. CharlieMC has been my online moniker forever. But as you all know, I don't really make a secret of who I am. I refer to many details of my life and I use actual photos of myself all the time. Plus many of you (who even care) reasoned out who I was ages ago -- and a lot of you are my Friends over at Facebook. It's harder and harder to be anonymous online -- and I really don't worry about it, frankly. It is what it is.

In this case, it's impossible to share about the award without all of these links. So what the heck! Here I go!

As I already related, I was on local TV (KPTV FOX 12) on Wednesday, the day we did our media release (which included the usual Press Release, Facebooking, Tweeting and News item at our website, etc.). Again, fascinating to try and actually WORK while a camera is following you around! (yikes) But the piece on TV turned out really nice, I must admit! It was cool seeing it.

You can read the full story at OregonLive.Com HERE. And pretty much the same thing at HERE. (In both cases they've stuck pretty close to the Press Release...) By the way, even though the second one calls this a 'national' award, it is an INTERNATIONAL award.

The News item at our festival website is HERE. (Yeah, right now a short version is also on the Home page, but that only remains there until something else replaces it. The above link is the permalink.) Yes, folks, this is the website that I'm the webmaster of. And if you carefully read that first article linked above, it takes you to other websites I also manage. (Unfortunately it's linked the WRONG site for PSSCA, but that's okay... Whatever!)

We're really trying to get people to go and view our YouTube video about this award, so if you feel like it could you pop over and take a look? It's HERE. Thanks! Mark (and Rich) put a LOT of work into the video, so we're hoping people will get to see it. And, YES, it actually shows me working at the Grand Floral Parade during the Rose Festival. (smile)

If you'd like to Friend me at Facebook and haven't done that to date, you can find me HERE.

The photo that went out with the Press Release was one of three photos that were taken for all this. The others are the one of me in my uniform that's up at the website, plus the one of me in my blue top that I'm using at Facebook right now.

I'm thrilled and honored. I feel humbled by all the attention -- I'm normally a behind-the-scenes kind of gal. Being a 'Webmaster and IT Manager' isn't very 'sexy' (as they say). Which is probably why people love focusing on my work during the parade (!!!), which is (as my cousin Linda recently said) 'cool beans.' (grin) I love all the work I do -- yes, no matter how much I might bitch about it from time to time. Hahahahaha.

We'll be going to Denver in September for the IFEA convention, where they'll make the official announcement and I'll be giving a speech. (The trophy I'm going to receive looks awesome in photos, by the way...)

I'll share more as it happens (honest!). I'm supposed to be interviewed by another TV news show next week -- we'll see if that happens or not.

(Sorry it took me so long to share this. There's just been SO MUCH going on with the award, work, sister Sue's dental and my own dental and on and on. I need to be better about my blogging!)

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