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Heat Wave in Portland!

I will post about my award -- just not now. Sorry.

It was 100° here today (and is currently still 99°). No, thankfully it's not that hot here in our house. But you can't spend every minute in the house, so...

As Mary (my dentist) had warned me, the second I was in the heat, my cheek blew up. Heat makes dental surgeries swell, and while I wasn't that bad this morning, I'm pretty bad now. What a puffy cheek. (yikes)

I should just feel glad I had no TV interviews to do today (!!!), or that could have been a sight! Noooooooo! Hahahahaha.

There's some pain, but honestly, I had worse pain before this work was done. My blood sugar was a little higher this morning (it had been good for two days running), but I guess that's to be expected the morning after oral surgery.

This entire morning was spent on a bunch of IT stuff that I'm not bothering to go into. It's going to be fine, but it requires me to go in to the office tomorrow to put Christie's computer back on the Server. (sigh) Then I need to set up her Profile again. Oh well. I'm not going to complain. At least it's not happening in the middle of the festival! (smile)

Marilyn's working here at home right now (it's just around 6:00 p.m.). She can't get anything done on this book project in the office, so she needed to bring it home. She's been in terrible dental pain all day, but she's doing better right now, thankfully.

There's a lot of dental stuff going on with all three of us sisters at the current time!

We're having a few issues that might be related to brown-outs from people running air conditioners. Interesting! That's all we need.

Let's face it: Portlanders don't deal well with high temperatures.

After all, we hardly ever get them! Rain is the Portland norm, as everyone knows! Hahahaha. We've got another day of this, then it should cool some. I'm glad to hear it.

What I feel like doing right now is cuddling up with my Kindle and reading. And maybe snoozing. And that might well be what I do.

Yeah, there are things I could be doing, but whatever.

I did clean the cat boxes and do the recycling. I've taken out some of the garbage and need to do the rest, but there's no rush -- this week isn't a 'garbage' week (it only happens every other week). I got a load of dishes done and messed a tiny bit with ants. And I've messed around with a few other things. But aside from the work I've done on the computer, I'm taking it a bit easier today.

Yeah, it's not bad in here -- but it's still warmer than normal. Plus I should cut my body some slack because of the root canal. So I think I will...

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