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Root Canal This Afternoon...

Yes, I know that I promised more about my good news -- but it's going to have to wait until tomorrow, I'm afraid. Sorry! I will share the details, I promise. (And if you're not my Friend over at Facebook, I'm sure you're plenty confused about now. Honest, I will tell more...)

Anyway, I was barely done at the office in time to head for my dental appointment this afternoon. Marilyn and I had to race to get to the office in time for the interview, then race off to get me home in time for sister Sue to pick me up for my appointment!

I had to have one (of three) root canals done. I picked the tooth that was giving me the most pain recently (surprise). It was a difficult one, though happily Mary was able to do it!

After that I was pretty much out of it the rest of the day.

I did cook dinner and was starved by then. I've been reading and napping since then. Marilyn and I need to go shopping tonight, so I'm sure we'll be heading out soon...

I've got a bunch of dental appointments set up for the next several weeks, anyway, to try and get more work done. I need a lot, I'm afraid. But it was good to get today's root canal done, as I've been in a lot of pain recently. Even though I'm now not numb anymore -- and I'm swollen from the oral surgery -- it actually feels a lot better than it has.

Hopefully nobody will want to interview me tomorrow (!!!), because I'll probably still be really swollen then. (Generally the second day is bad...)

It was FUN watching myself on the news tonight! Not only was I interviewed, but the guy followed me around while I did IT stuff (it was one of those days!) and then had me work on the website while he taped it. That was all on the news. Plus they mentioned the Lifetime Achievement Award I won back in 2008, and that I'd created award-winning eNewsletters. Pretty cool, I must admit.

He zoomed in on my manicure (pink tips) at one point while I was working at the computer -- if you can believe that! I actually need a manicure (it's pretty grown out), but happily it looked good on TV. Hahahahahaha.

Well, gotta run. More tomorrow!

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