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Busy Day of Work for RHSAA...

I spent most of my day working on the Blog (which is also the News) for the RHSAA. The group uses Constant Contact as their eNewsletter service. There have been 14 various communications/eNewsletters since the group really got going last year -- and I needed to put every single one of those into our Blog. On the correct date, with the contents cleaned up and all the links working properly and so on. So it took quite a few hours to do that!

I also added a new page to the website, based on a request from the Communications Team (which I'm a member of -- sort of -- though hardly the way I'm a member of the same team for the festival!). That page took some time to set up, then it had to be coded into the navigation for the other pages. Anyway, this all kept me quite busy today.

I worked from around 8:00 a.m. through to 8:00 p.m., with barely a break from sitting in front of the computer all day long.

Last night I got sick coming home from our ride to Sauvie Island. (At one point it was a question as to whether or not I was going to pass out or throw up -- and I just wanted to be in my bathroom before either thing happened!) I think I was reacting to the pain pill I'd taken for my (damn) tooth. Anyway, I'm certainly glad I'm getting that root canal tomorrow. I hope it does away with the worst of the pain!

I avoided painkillers all day today. The tooth didn't bother me until tonight, but now I'm thinking a glass of wine. Pills have me spooked for now...

I was able to eat dinner, but I'm being careful there, too. Until tonight, all I had to eat all day was a bowl of cottage cheese.

Sister Sue seems to be doing better with her poor mouth. She also has an appointment tomorrow, so I guess we'll find out!

In other news, the YouTube video featuring me was (finally) finished up today. I think it turned out really good. It was interesting to see the footage from being interviewed, I have to say. It's being officially unveiled tomorrow.

In fact, tomorrow we're doing the media launch that features the award I won. I'll share more about it in the morning. I really SHOULD be preparing the News item that needs to go up first thing, but I think I'm headed to bed, instead. I can maybe do it in the middle of the night. (I have a hunch this tooth might be keeping me awake, anyway...)

Ants are still around, but not terrible. I need to work on them, but haven't really had time to do much. (I did a little bit today... But not that much.)

Marilyn got home right around 8:00 again tonight -- surprise! Well, we discussed it, and it's worth it to have Mondays off, even if it means late nights the rest of the week.

Oh! I don't know if I mentioned it, but Alex (at the office) has given her notice. She's leaving the festival in two weeks. (I had to do some Server-side stuff related to that today.)

Oh, again! Today is Donn's birthday! (My IT Assistant.) I hope he had a GREAT day!!!

That's it for now...

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