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Perseids and Sauvie Island...

Last night Marilyn and I went to Stonehenge in Washington state, arriving around 12:30 a.m. It was AMAZING! It was so warm we were in shirtsleeves (no JACKETS at all!!!), which has never been true before. We didn't need our blankets or anything -- the weather was PERFECT!

There were a few other cars and it wasn't scary at all (as has been true in other years). There were people inside Stonehenge, and they were playing guitar and singing -- it had a real 60's vibe.

WOW, was it dark! You could really see the meteors -- the best we ever have! We saw a TON of them, and they were so bright! We had a lovely time.

We stopped at the Pilot Travel Center on our way and bought some cute tees. Mine is orange and I love it. On the drive home we listened to music on our iPad and sang along. Great fun.

Today we took a drive down to Sauvie Island -- in fact, we drove around twice!

Our weekends have been so great this summer...

Tags: 2012, august-2012, fun, marilyn, perseids-meteor-shower, sauvie-island, summer

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