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House -- More Cleaning and Organizing...

I didn't end up going to work with Marilyn. She wasn't ready yet to tackle her office, so I guess we'll try for that next week...

Today I did some work for the festival, organized my email and even made Marilyn a couple more pug icons (she has 46 total at this moment). But mainly I spent hours and hours working in my bedroom.

My bedroom always seems to end up a disaster all the time. It's the room I toss things in and during the festival I just totally let it go. It's in the back of the house and nobody generally goes in it but me (including Marilyn) and the door can be shut to close off the mess, so I suppose it makes sense that this constantly happens.

I have too much stuff.

Some of this happened after Mom died, by the way. I brought home a ton of her stuff and couldn't part with it for a long time. And I still have a lot of it. Yesterday I finally got rid of a blouse of hers that I'd been keeping! I mean, what was THAT about? I love having some of Mom's things, but I've managed in the last few years to get rid of more and more stuff. It's just essential, as there's only so much storage in our house and we have so much other stuff...

A lot of what we have is CLOTHES. I really want to go through mine and get rid of stuff. I was keeping a dress I've had since just after high school, if you can imagine! It was a favorite, but there's no way I'm ever wearing it again. Even if I could somehow suddenly fit in it, it's totally out of style.

I'm like most women, I suppose. Part of what I'm keeping is clothing I don't fit in right now. I should just let those go, for sure.

I started this process some months back, actually -- bagging up tons of clothing. I have been working on it, but just not ENOUGH. Believe me, when I'm done I'll have a lot of clothes to give away -- and less to try and put away...

Well, the small closet is much nicer now. It's my big closet that needs work. But I've started it, anyway. And the drawers and so on. It's important to get started, so I'm glad.

In non-house-related news...

We've been staying up too late. Little wonder we're both yawning all the time! We watched two episodes on our DVR of "The Mod Squad" (which we love). The show holds up remarkably well, which surprises me... Anyway, it's been great fun watching tons of eps.

Sister Sue is recovering from having almost all her bottom teeth pulled on Wednesday, poor thing. (Marilyn took her to the appointment.) She's going to get a plate put in next.

I'm dealing with ANTS again, as of today. (sigh) Non-poisonous thoughts and suggestions are welcome, thanks! These buggers are driving me crazy. I just don't have the energy to do other work AND fight ants, too. So give me things to use -- and exact details on how to use them -- please. Remember we're both super-allergic -- and we've not only got cats, but one of these cats has a compromised body due to his constant rare illness. Thanks in advance, guys!!!

I've been reading a lot on my Kindle (and using the Kindle Apps on both my iPad and iPhone). Not as much reading, perhaps, as I'd like -- but probably more reading than the average person does, even so...

Marilyn got home well past 8:00 p.m. tonight. (She was home around 8:00 both last night and the night before.) Little wonder she's so worn out, poor thing. This is due to her taking a week off for vacation -- which means she's swamped when she goes back. What they'd do without her at the festival I have no idea (and I'm not kidding about that).

I can't think what else to share, so that's it for now. I hope all is well with all my friends.

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