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Cleaning and Organizing: Working!

I just cleaned three drawers -- two in my bedroom and one in the office. The one in the office is currently EMPTY (!!!) -- that won't last long, however. As much as I love freeing up space, I still seem to have tons to fill it all. I'd be happy to get stuff off the SURFACE of that desk (maybe into the empty drawer???), if at all possible. Every surface in our house always seems to be covered with stuff, no matter how hard I try to clear them...

The other two drawers? I actually reached the goal of eliminating 1/3 of the contents of both! That's astounding. Yes, it means I have some stuff that needs a 'new' home here in the house. But certain things were in the wrong place, so that makes sense. I've got a nice start on a Goodwill box and have a wastebasket that's filling fast. So it's all good!

And I made Marilyn seven (!!!) more icons today, too. I'm on a kick with that, actually! I made her 21 pug-related icons yesterday, and more of the same this morning. (Those interested can see them among all her other icons, HERE.) I need to load up the new ones for her. She loaded the 21 herself in the middle of the night...

I want to sort through a bunch of my clothes, but I'm not quite ready to face that huge undertaking yet!

So I'll probably keep working on drawers, for now.

The work I did in the office on Tuesday has already made a difference for me, which is quite cool! I can't wait to finally tackle our file cabinets. They're bursting at the seams (sigh), so I suspect that will be daunting, to say the least!

Friday we're going to tackle Marilyn's office at work, which is long overdue!

Anyway, keep good thoughts for us. This is going to make a world of difference in our lives as we continue to clean and organize AND DOWNSIZE around here! I feel buried in stuff and can't wait to be less so...

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