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ANTS!!! (yikes)

Marilyn and I have ANTS (mainly in the kitchen). (yikes)

I was standing at the sink cooking and they were crawling up my feet and legs (ugh) and biting me and just driving me nuts.

Once I'd finishing the cooking, it was straight to working on the 'ant problem.' It's not 100% under control at this point, but it is far better than it was before I started!

We had planned to be writing by now, after having a bite to eat. We still haven't eaten (!!!), and I'm sitting in a sweat trying to relax and cool down. And I'm 'twitchy' -- feeling as if ants are still crawling all over me. I even had them on my chest and FACE. Just now I felt that 'feeling' and glanced down, expecting not to see anything, but sure enough -- an ant was on my upper arm!


Well, hopefully we'll go and eat now -- and have a cup of the coffee I brewed ages ago. (I might even need to make a new pot by now...)

Then I hope we'll get to write, as planned.

Damn ants!

I supposed the VERY HOT weather is what pushed them into the house like this. Hard to say. But I'm not seeing any sign at all of them outside. It makes it hard to fight them with poison, as I'm sure not using that on the inside of the house.

Anyway, this does mean war!

I don't bother them if they stay outside, but once they come in it's another story.

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