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Looking Back -- My Time As 'Robin'...

As a kid, I spent a lot of time running around the neighborhood wearing a mask and yellow cape. I was Robin, the Boy Wonder. Our neighbor was Batman, Marilyn was the Catwoman and on and on.

I had long (long) hair -- so I pulled it back in a ponytail that was tucked down the back of my shirt, under my cape. Don't ask how it worked, but it just did.

By the way, the first time I ever had a dream where I was someone other than me was at this time: I had realistic dreams of being male, and being Robin. In fact, those dreams were so strong and vibrant that I can recall them to this very day.

It was funny, because everyone in the neighborhood played along -- and even the adults didn't spoil the illusion for us. We spent hours pretending to be these characters -- and their counterparts. I wasn't just Robin, I was also Dick Grayson. All I had to do was take off the mask and cape and put on a lightweight jacket to be Dick.

Back then we seemed to have a TON of lightweight jackets known as 'windbreakers.' These were cheap, and came in numerous colors and sometimes had hoods. Wow, you could make a great Batman from a black windbreaker! You just pulled the hood way down and cut holes for eyes, then added ears. Presto! Change-o! Batman! Kids our age didn't have the $$$ for actual costumes -- plus these weren't around then the way they are now. We managed the best we could. But, boy, could we manage! I wish I still had the utility belt for Batman that we made!

Marilyn was ALSO Wonder Girl, when we played Teen Titans (which we did quite a bit). Wonder Girl and Robin used to have a lot of ADVENTURES together -- and not just in our local neighborhood. It was an athletic time for the two of us, and I remember how much running and climbing we did -- so much FUN!!! If I were going back in time for some reason, I think I'd go back to the days when I was Robin and Marilyn was Wonder Girl -- and spend several summer days just running around and filling my lungs with air and wearing myself out until I could sleep like a baby at night...

Interesting note: Marilyn and I created almost every game that was ever played in our neighborhood, from how kids played with their Barbie dolls to the various activities we came up with (like playing Teen Titans, playing 'Sound of Music' and on and on). We had imagination then -- and we have it now. Then it made for loads of fun -- and these days it makes for one hell of a lot of creativity in our work! Imagination is a WONDERFUL thing and we two have always had it in spades!!!

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