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Lazy, Summer Day During Vacation... (Olympics Are HERE!)

Yes, Marilyn and I watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics on Friday -- we wouldn't miss it. We probably didn't need to have it 'assigned' like homework by the boss (Jeff) at Staff meeting last Tuesday (!!!), which I found something of a surprise...

London did a GREAT job with these, I think. I enjoyed the show, anyway. The very best moment was the James Bond and the Queen thing, no doubt about it. The parade of nations was too fast (!!!) and had bad camera angles. I wanted to see everyone better, personally. Yeah, we're watching a lot of Olympics here at our house -- who would miss it?

But we're also spending a LOT of time sleeping and just resting and relaxing.

Last night late we finally went shopping at Walmart. We'd needed to go for ages, but were frankly too lazy. Or exhausted, depending on how you view it. We always go late at night (to avoid the crowds), and most nights we were just too tired and wanted to sleep...

We got a TON of groceries and related items (Marilyn finally got a new rug for her bathroom that she really needed, for example). We ended up there so late that they wouldn't sell us our beer (!!!) -- they don't sell beer after 2:00 a.m. (between 2:00 - 6:00 a.m., specifically). It's a weird law in my opinion, but whatever! I guess maybe that will keep me from turning into an alcoholic or something. (Trust me, we had alcoholics in the family, and this sort of restriction didn't help...) Anyway, weirdly amusing. It was only five minutes past 2:00 when we were checking out.

It's nice to have things in the house again, including water and pop and many foods! (woo hoo) We were out of practically EVERYTHING you can think of...

I mentioned seeing "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" (Here), which I'm currently reading on my Kindle. I like the book, but I think the movie was better, believe it or not. (I know, I know -- many people think the book is always better. But I've read many books that I thought weren't as good as the films made based on them...) Don't get me wrong -- I think it's a wonderful read. I'd recommend it to anyone. But I'd recommend the movie first!

Important iPad News

I can't believe I never blogged about it, but back in March of this year I totally TRASHED my iPad. (sigh)

How did it happen? Well, I'd just received my new iPhone that day and was starting (TRYING, actually -- not really getting there) to set it up for use. I hadn't been given the proper info and they didn't have me prepared at the other end, so it didn't happen at that point, but that's beside the point. Let's just say I was pretty distracted.

Marilyn and I were heading to the beach house and anxious to get off. I had my iPad in my hands when I needed to go back into the house -- and I stupidly put it down on top of the car (!!!). After coming back out to the car I forgot it. We were at McDonald's when I suddenly realized I didn't have it. We back-tracked and found nothing lying anywhere.

Interestingly enough, in the time it took us to drive back home, a local youth came by and picked it up and took off with it. I believe he'd still have it to this day (!!!), except that Marilyn had put 'Find my iPhone' on her iPad -- which meant it was on mine, too. I was able to set a password on my 'missing' iPad even though I didn't have it!

Anyway, none of this came to light until hours later. We gave it up as lost and headed to the beach. Marilyn kept assuring me she would replace my iPad, even though I felt bad and didn't think she should have to do that. (She's so amazingly kind to me -- beyond expressing sometimes.) I tried not to be upset (we both did). But then she got concerned when she realized she'd sent me an iMessage that contained our iTunes PASSWORD! This was when we started using the App I mentioned to try and lock up my missing iPad. This WORKED, by the way!

Not long after that June (our neighbor) phoned and had Chris (the local youth) there. He wanted a 'reward' for finding my iPad. We offered him $50 and he gave his contact info to June -- plus my broken iPad. She told me it was shattered, but seemed to still be working. Believe it or not, it DID still work! The surface had missing pieces of glass and it was messed up (and not really SAFE to use), but if you could just get a new screen, it would have been okay (I think).

I put it aside and really didn't touch it much for ages. Marilyn knew which Apple Store she wanted to return it to, so it was just a matter of getting out there. We finally did that on June 29 -- and that's when Marilyn got her keyboard for her iPad (and I got a new case for my iPhone). They put aside a replacement for my iPad, but we were waiting on me backing up my iPad. For the record, do NOT purchase any softwares for this purpose!!! I was totally ripped off by Aiseesoft with a software called iPad Transfer Platinum -- it didn't even begin to work, nor would they consider a refund. (They've been nothing but a pain to interact with, and I plan to make sure everyone I know is informed of that fact.) You can backup using the Cloud for free and it works quite well. (Okay, it's days later and I'm still not 100% backed up, but pretty close.)

Anyway, we went this past Tuesday, July 24, to get my NEW (replacement) iPad. So now I'm back in business! I didn't miss it as much as you'd expect, mostly because of having my iPhone (which is very much like a mini-iPad). Considering how hung up both Marilyn and I have been about our iPads, that's quite a surprise. But I'm sure I'll be back to using it constantly again soon. (grin)

(I always feel bad, Donna, that I advised you against the iPad. There are still things about it I DON'T like -- but I've grown to really love it, even so...)

The only down side of the replacement is losing my engraved iPad (these were gifts from work, you might remember). But that's okay. I've almost always got it in a case, so you can't see the engraving, anyway.

The amazing thing? They replace your iPad for the cost of $250 -- which is half the original price. Admittedly, the price has now gone down $100 because a new version has been released, but still! Also, the people at the Apple Store were very impressive. Amazing customer service there -- and it's impossible to explain how busy they are...

Anyway, I lost my iPad and it's been replaced. It's hard to believe it's been more than three months since I've had it to use!

I guess I've gone off my original topics. (smile) I just seem to have a LOT to catch up here! No doubt. I'll just have to randomly share stuff as it comes to me...

It's nice to be back!

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