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Movie: "Falling for Grace"

Marilyn and I watched another movie today: "Falling for Grace," which was your typical mistaken identity flick -- girl is mistaken for another and plays along, doesn't admit the mistake when she has a chance and thing go awry. But Grace is American Chinese which makes it far more interesting than normal. Plus the casting was good and it managed to be entertaining in spite of the dishonesty. It was a 2006 film and free, by the way.

This evening we finally went after my meds, then took a short drive to Cathedral Park (the park located under the St. Johns Bridge). After that we stopped by Roosevelt High School to see the work on the new track, then came home.

We're now working on a fresh pot of coffee. We had pizza for dinner, which was quite good. (One pepperoni and one veggie.)

We've been playing some Zuma today -- and I hope to read in my book on my Kindle. Another very lazy and relaxing day.

That made for a relaxing three-day weekend, which is pretty much exactly what we need after the recent hectic work weeks!

I should mention that Marilyn got an email from Ligaya to tell her that her dog Jack had to be put down due to kidney failure. (This ENTRY from way back in 2002 shares a photo of Jack and Jill -- and tells of one of the many times they went missing.) Anyway, both Marilyn and I ended up crying. Even though we haven't seen Jack in years and years, we really loved that dog!

Well, back to work tomorrow! But vaca isn't far away! (woo hoo)

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