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LiveJournal Scrapbook Migration? Fail.

How disgusting to be 'away' from LiveJournal all this time and come back to a FAIL situation... (sigh)

A couple dozen of my photos that were in my Scrapbook failed to migrate. I'm trying to imagine hunting down WHERE these appeared in my blog -- but obviously I'll never have an easy way to do that! I mean, I've been blogging here since June 2002 -- so that means I'd have 10 YEARS of blog entries to go through. Seriously? I don't think so...

This is not the entry I hoped to post when I got back to blogging again (finally). I have so much to catch up on that's interesting and so on. But this is certainly something that made me decide to blog, so I guess that's a good thing, anyway! Hahahahahaha.

I've remained active at Facebook, anyway, where I now have in excess of 1,600 Friends. You know, I've never had 200 Friends here at LiveJournal, interesting to note! I wonder if there's a message in there somewhere? I use Facebook under my full, real name, by the way. I use LiveJournal under my online name -- one that I've used extensively, though, for far more than a decade. Charlie is my name (and CMC are my initials) -- so CharlieMC is me, for all of that. But I never went 100% real here at LJ, mainly because of fanfic and fandom involvements. I haven't ever tied my LJ to my FB, in other words. But I do have a lot of my LJ friends as friends at Facebook, which is great fun.

Well, I'm digressing.

As I mentioned, I do have interesting things to share. So hopefully I'll get back to regular blogging again!

On that note, it's 1:30 a.m. here, so I'm off to bed. Good night, all!

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