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Brutal Day. Just Brutal. Not Over Yet, Mind You...

Well, it's almost 9:30 a.m. -- and I originally started this last night at 9:30 p.m. (!!!), but never quite managed to finish it. Whatever!

Like I was going to finish this first thing this morning. Right. (It's now after 11:00...) Well, better late than never. Maybe...

It's 9:30 p.m. and I'm taking a quick break to post to my blog...

I've been busy all day, but did take a short break to rush to the store. I bought kitty litter, stuff to treat our flooded carpet and a box fan to use to dry it out... (It was fun having Nicole shop with me, I have to say! And sister Sue was kind enough to take me shopping...)

Home again, I did break to get food, though I ate while working. I was starved enough not to skip eating entirely, even though I normally would do exactly that...

What did I get done today?

Well, when we had the power off and then on again on Tuesday, it messed up our alarm system. So I had to get on the phone and go through this complicated routine to get it working again. As I was trying to get the huge panel metal box to close properly and failing, I wanted to ask the woman on the phone: "Can't somebody just come out here and fix this? I really don't have the time or patience, thank you very much." (sigh) But I hung in there until she was finally completely cut off. (No, she did NOT call me back. Typical. And, yes, she knew my phone number -- that's how they track accounts...) But I think it's fixed. I guess we'll find out sometime soon!

Thanks for turning off our power for hours. Thanks for messing up my day and messing up our alarm. Thanks for making me need to spend time on this today when I had better things to do. Thanks a ton.

I suppose I could have skipped the above rant, but I just FELT like ranting. Sorry!

Working on the flooding situation was a pain, needless to say. As I mentioned before, this is NOTHING to last year when the main broke. It's a spot in the back of the house that only floods rarely (I think it's now four times in the 18 years we've lived here). It doesn't give us standing water, mind you. But there's CARPET there. It always gets damp to the touch and then there's some sort of odor associated with it. This time the odor is odd -- very much like a cat spraying. The fact that it's NOT driving our cats nuts (they don't even seem to notice it, frankly) means it's not literally cat spray -- but just has that kind of smell to us humans. I'm thinking this is a good thing. Obviously we don't want cat spray in our house!

I had to move heavy furniture around (including Marilyn's king bed) and then 'test' the carpet to determine the 'bad' (damp) areas. It wasn't really all that damp -- just barely. I was really dealing with the stink and a tiny bit of wetness. I use tissue paper (like you wrap packages with) to test -- works quite well. I then marked off the area with pencil on the wall.

Finally I sprayed with the Woolite Carpet Spray that's specially for this purpose. Then I set up the big box fan I got for $20 and opened a bunch of windows -- and went back to my office to work again!

I worked on the eNewsletter that's due to go out tomorrow (Thursday), spending hours on designing the header banner, selecting photo images and preparing them for use and gathering and writing the Copy for the content. I also had to make an animated sponsor banner. Today it took six to eight hours (approximately) to do -- but keep in mind that this used to take me DAYS (usually three) complete. So though that sounds like a lot, it's quite an improvement!

Marilyn had a late night and is STILL at work, so naturally I keep working away. I've got massive eye strain and a stiff neck -- little wonder I've got a killer headache tonight. This might not sound physically grueling to sit at the computer for more than 12 hours of my day, but it seriously is...

Speaking of physically grueling, moving furniture and crawling on the floor isn't any picnic, either. I feel like I've been hit all over with a stick...

Well, I'm hoping I'll get to quit soon. Tomorrow will undoubtedly be another long and busy day...
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