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Season Finale of "Revenge"

(F-ing LiveJournal! I just LOST several paragraphs of my blog entry! That hasn't happened to me in years, and I'm not pleased at all... I mean, WTF!!! Anyway, I'll try to recall what I'd already typed when it happened... sigh...)

I'm not going to relate the details of my busy and crazy day. Let's just say that we're one day from the start of the 2012 festival and leave it at that...

But tonight was the season finale of "Revenge" -- which is a series both Marilyn and I love. Not only do we never miss it, but we've been downloading every episode from iTunes. Enough said!

And while we like most of the characters on the show, our favorite is Conrad Grayson. That's probably very much due to our love for the actor Henry Czerny, whom we've been crazy about for many years -- but we honestly enjoy the character more than I can even say.

There were rumors flying that someone was going to DIE on the show tonight -- and we were both afraid it would be Conrad.

I won't spoil and tell details, but I will say that we're happy and relaxed about it now... (smile)

Season Two should prove to be equally entertaining, considering the cliffhangers of tonight!

Well, we need to head to bed soon -- I'm personally beat. I've got a huge busy day facing me tomorrow -- don't we all? (I can't imagine what Marilyn's day will be like!)

Oh! I did get time to go to lunch with sister Sue today -- which was very nice. She's not doing well, health-wise. And her close friend has terminal cancer. There were tears at lunch from both of us, but it was still lovely...

Goodnight all!

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