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Apple? iPhone? I'm Wrong and I'm Sorry...

Guess what I (finally) figured out today???

Okay, if you saw my rant from yesterday about this subject, then you know I was really on a roll. But it turns out you CAN select any number of 'places' for various phone numbers -- if you know what you're doing.

I guess the issue is more about how you're just supposed to 'magically' know how -- and considering I train others how to use computers and do other basic tech-type stuff, it's ridiculous when even I can easily reason these things out... I mean, I'm the person that writes tutorials ('How To' things) all the time. So I think Apple (and others) should be concerned if I have to search and search for the answer to these things!

For those who want to know HOW it's done:
1. You go to your Phone > and go to Contacts
2. You go to one Contact > you click the Edit button
3. In the line where your phone number appears, you click DIRECTLY on the WORD that precedes it (such as 'mobile') -- and you'll receive the option to pick from a long list of places.
4. Select one (it will be checked).
5. Click the Done button to Save.

I need to type those up for those people at the office who have iPhones, I'm sure...

Hey, at least I admit when I was wrong, though -- and I was wrong. So I have to apologize to Apple (ugh) and my iPhone. (sigh)

Well, back to work!

Tags: 2012, apology, apple, iphone, may-2012, rant, tutorial

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