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Really, iPhone??? (Yes, I Hate Apple!)

I love my iPhone -- I really do. So what do I like the least about it?

The way it works for anything related to phone calls.

First, it's not that easy to even make a phone call. There's no simple way to get to the person you want to call, Favorites or no. Um, I guess you kind of want your cell phone to be able to phone others. (grin) But this discussion is for another time...

Here's what's making me NUTS today: You can't determine WHERE the phone you're calling is. By that I mean, the first choice is MOBILE. Believe it or not, plenty of places I'm calling are NOT cell (mobile) phones! For most businesses, for example, it's rarely ever a cell phone. I want to have the 'work' and 'home' options easily available when adding someone. If there's some stupid round-about way to set this up, I'd like to know it. (sigh)

When you import stuff, you get to keep the designations you previously had. So I do have a bunch of people with home, work and mobile in my contacts. But new ones? Nope.

Okay, I did find some weird way to add numbers. But the choices are Mobile and iPhone. Really??? What about home and work??? People don't always have mobile/cell phones by default! In fact, I know a ton of people who DO NOT own a cell phone. Seriously.

Yeah, I may overall love my iPhone. And I may overall love my iPad. But there are things I totally HATE about both of them. And frankly, I continue to HATE Apple.

It's probably needless to say, but this all came up when I was looking for a phone number. One I KNEW was NOT a cell phone. But you certainly can't tell that by looking at it on my iPhone!!!

I guess that's enough said for now... (smile)

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