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First-Ever Rock 'n' Roll Portland Half Marathon!

Today was the first-ever Rock 'n' Roll Portland Half Marathon! Marilyn was very involved with this event happening, so I think she should be very proud -- it went off so well. It was an exciting morning, I must say.

Yeah, we had to be at work by 6:30 a.m. this morning, but it was well worth it.

Me? I had a great time! I got five photos I was proud of, including the first person in (paraplegic), them men's winner, women's winner and Jeff crossing the finish line. Plus a photo of Marilyn and Alex -- who helped make it happen. And those shots were all Live at Facebook -- and then Tweeted -- within minutes of being taken! (woo hoo)

Are we good at this Social Media thing, or what? (grin)

We just got back from the post office where we took our bills to mail 'em. Marilyn has a whole new system, which means this year we won't have any late payments due to being too busy to get bills done because of the festival (as in many, many past years). In fact, we're both loving our new budget system, that's very much tied to having the new house. Another improvement in our lives.

This will be a busy week. I've got website changes to make, an eNewsletter to prepare, the Starlight script to review (proof and re-write) and minor IT thinks I need to do, too. I can't begin to imagine what's on Marilyn's list (!!!), which I'm sure makes mine look like a cakewalk. Nobody can get as much done as she can -- that's for sure!

The festival starts next Friday, so we're only days away now! (Yes, today's event was officially part of the festival, but it still doesn't really count. Our Opening Day is Friday.)

The weather reports vary, but I can use all your GOOD THOUGHTS and PRAYERS for help with pleasant weather, please. We don't have to have perfect, sunny days. But we need to have some dry days, if at all possible! We're ready to live with next weekend being rainy, if we could only have dry weekends for the two that follow that...

We've always had good luck with the weather for Memorial Day the past three years, but it seems fair that it might get rain this year. I don't mind, again, if both of the other two weekends can be nice.

We really need the decent weather to succeed, so I hope it happens for us. And I'm going to spend a lot of time in prayer about it, believe me...

Today we did end up with rain. So we were soaked. I was pretty chilled at one point, so I did have a nice hot bath when we got home! I'm not really coughing all that much, so I'm hopeful I'm mostly better now. I'm still weary at the least little thing -- and often feverish, too. But I'll live! (smile)

Well, I'm off to bed soon. Love to all my LJ Friends! Be kind to yourselves...

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