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Busy Friday -- Festival Looms Closer!

I actually slept in today -- interesting, as originally I'd planned to be at work all day...

But when I did get up, I got busy fast! There was a lot that needed doing. I spent 90 minutes on Alex's laptop -- trying to set her up to Remote. I finally had to pull Kris into the mix. I think I was 90% there (maybe even closer), but I just couldn't figure out the final step. Thankfully he saved me (yet again). Using an interesting software, by the way!

Ammyy.Com is new to me -- though I have used LogMeIn.Com for years now. I told Donn about Ammyy, and he asked me how I felt it improved on LogMeIn. I thought Ammyy seemed much FASTER -- though I haven't used LogMeIn recently, so maybe I'm being unfair...

I also did website, other IT stuff and a few things around the house (like a load of dishes!). I did some social media stuff for the festival (mostly Tweeting) -- then I talked with Marilyn, who needed to come home to get the laptop for Alex. I decided to go with her back to the office...

But first we went over to the Portland: Health & Fitness Expo -- Marilyn wanted to hear John 'The Penguin' Bingham speak. He's was a columnist for 14 years in "Runner's World" magazine and now his work appears in "Competitor" magazine. He's an author, columnist (self-proclaimed comic) -- and (most importantly) the spokesperson for the slow-running movement! He's one of the people who helped people to feel GOOD about running even if they weren't fast -- and that's pretty cool.

I forced Marilyn to buy his book -- then I interrupted John while he was doing an on-stage appearance to get him to sign it for her. And I forced both of them to pose for a photo together. (smile)

We didn't stay long. Marilyn and Sara registered for the run and then we headed back to the office. (Marilyn had already been there earlier, but wanted to go back just to see John.)

At the office I was greeted by hugs and cheers and all sorts of kindnesses -- a sign that people had really missed me while I've been out sick. So nice that my co-workers feel this way about me...

There was plenty to do, of course! So I was busy for hours.

Ashley and I finally spent the end of the day reviewing the Starlight Parade script -- which was much farther along than I could have EVER hoped it would be! I have to commend Kirstie for her work on it. I'd thought I'd end up writing it, but that's not going to happen. I'll do my usual proofing and re-writing, and that should do it...

Marilyn was finally more than ready to leave by the time we finished. I think we left the office around 8:45 -- so we were home just past 9:00.

We've finished dinner and are about to have some cake and ice cream (even though it's nearing midnight. Then we're off to bed, as we have another busy day tomorrow... (And manicures need to figure in there, as it's the last chance before the festival starts!)

Speaking of, Sunday is the Rock 'n' Roll Portland Half Marathon! We went over to see the RoZone in the park and it was exciting to things up and ready to go. We're ONE WEEK away from the start of the festival (if you don't count RnR) -- which is hard to believe! There's so much to get done before then...

Well, I'm off to fix dessert! The coffee is done and waiting for us...

I miss finding time to read here at LJ, but it's pretty busy right now. Still thinking of all my LJ Friends -- and keeping you in my prayers! Take care!

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