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Totally TMI Today... You've Been Warned!

Okay, I'm warning all potential readers -- this entry will be TMI (too much information). So if you don't want to go there, please skip reading!

WARNING! The following blog will be TMI!

What's the deal with constipation and antibiotics?

I was put on Azithoromycin by my doctor. I've been done taking it for AGES now. Okay, since May 6, so it's not really 'ages,' but still...

Anyway, I swear I start having issues with constipation practically from the second I started those pills.

I've been really, really (REALLY!!!) thirsty while sick -- and as I'm recovering -- so I've actually been drinking more fluids than normal. That should help the situation in a positive fashion, but it hasn't (she types, taking another swig of water).

My diet hasn't changed much, though I admit I've been less hungry -- and eating less -- than normal. But only part of the time. I'd say that much of the time I've been eating just fine.

Anyway, it's a pain in the ass (literally!). I'd rather not use laxatives unless absolutely necessary. I've done research, and it's pretty easy to push yourself from constipation to serious diarrhea, so I'm going to be cautious, believe me.

Research hasn't given me many ideas of what to do. The recommendations are also cautious, and I already do several things to stay healthy, so...

I recall when in college that I used to suffer from terrible constipation headaches. I've always said I would prefer to be 'loose' rather than 'bound up' -- though obviously somewhere between those extremes is ideal!

Yes, I know it's crass to discuss this in my blog. But, really, people -- we all poop, after all. And we all deal with these same issues. So whatever. Like I said, nobody forced anybody to read this -- and you were warned.

I might need something more to drink. It's HOT here today (and I do mean hot!!!), and I'm in our home office working (and sweating) away. I have put on the air, on and off. But I don't like to run it too high -- or for too long at one time. Still, it's nice to have it! It's been up to 84° here in the house today. (Well, upstairs, anyway. Thankfully cooler downstairs, but as I need to work -- and that means being in my upstairs office...)

Back to work!

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