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Annual NALC 'Stamp Out Hunger' National Food Drive

Today was the annual NALC 'Stamp Out Hunger' National Food Drive -- and Marilyn and I never miss taking part. We had a huge bag of groceries packed up for more than a week, waiting and ready for today.

This was also the St. Johns Parade -- but after we've both been down sick, we didn't think of attending this year.

Marilyn missed work on Thursday and Friday -- and had intended to go in to the office to work today, but didn't even try. She was sick earlier in the week but managed to go to work even so, but finally had to stay down, she was so bad.

I'm somewhat better, but still pretty weak (and I tire easily). But my cough is much improved, thankfully -- so maybe I won't need to go back to the doctor...

We've done what we usually do when home sick: We've watched a bunch of movies on TV. This usually happens because we can't sleep, being restless from being ill. Anyway, we've seen "Identity" (from 2003, with John Cusack and Ray Liotta) which we'd never seen before. We both enjoyed it. And we saw "The Darkest Hour" (from 2011, with Emile Hirsh) -- we liked that, too. Today we watched "The Creation of the Humanoids" (from 1962). We'd never seen it before and found it very interesting -- and far more profound than you might imagine. We've watched some Lifetime movies and episodes of My Cat From Hell (on Animal Planet) -- very entertaining -- we've never seen this show before now.

Obviously we've missed out on enjoying the nice (HOT!!!) weather, but that's okay. We just need to get back to normal, so we can both catch up at work. There's so much to do even without being sick, after all...

That's if for now, I guess. I've also read a bunch of books -- so I'll try and list them the next time I blog.

I hope all my LJ Friends are doing well!

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