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Shannon Starts at the Office Today -- Thank God!

Shannon -- who was an Intern last year (and an amazing one!) -- starts work at our office today in a seasonal assistant position. Thank God!

She's now graduated from college (woo hoo) and done with her intern days -- and ready to help both Carol and Marilyn. And it's seriously in the nick of time.

Speaking of which, BOTH Carol and Marilyn were at the office until past MIDNIGHT last night.

No, I'm not kidding. I know Marilyn took one small break during the day to run an errand, and that was it. What's wrong with this picture?

Me? I did sleep in until after 9:00 a.m. yesterday. Then I sat here at the computer working away until Marilyn got home. I was at the computer when she phoned me on her way home, as a matter of fact. But I didn't go in to the office again today -- and I'm still coughing, I'm afraid. But I do feel a little better, anyway.

It's now 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday -- and Marilyn's been out of here for close to half an hour. Back to work for another 'easy' day at the festival. Easy? Just keep in mind that the first thing almost everyone says when you tell them you work for the festival are the words: 'That must be fun.' (When they're not saying: 'Is that a year-round job?')

No, we throw the festival together in a few hours mere days before it happens. We never work 14+ hour days for weeks in a row -- often without even a short break during the day. Hell, it's easy as pie.

Here's the thing: I can't say it isn't fun. If we weren't DEVOTED to the festival and didn't really LOVE it, we could never put in these kinds of hours year after year. And, yeah, it's exhausting. How could it not be? Still, we do it. Marilyn and Carol go so far beyond what's even possible that I wonder how they survive -- and I'm not kidding around when I say that.

So today I'm grateful for answered prayers. Shannon was an incredible worker last year. She's a quality person with great skills, aside from being lovely inside and out. I know she's going to help them in ways I wish I could help Marilyn and Carol. And, yeah, I do really thank God that she's starting today...

Wow, it was hard to yank myself out of bed this morning...

I did manage to clean up the kitchen and put away the food from dinner before heading to bed last night. But there are dishes in the sink (again), so I suppose I should clean up before putting on a pot of much-needed coffee.

I did find a way to download the video from YouTube that we're going to show at the Spring Board Meeting this Thursday night, happily. And I put it on a jump drive for Marilyn to take to work today. She already downloaded the other video, so we're good to go. She's NOT creating a PowerPoint this year, so I guess someone else will have to figure that part out...

I had sort of thought I might go in today, but obviously not. Oh well -- Shannon doesn't need training, having been there last year. And I'll just pick up the phone to talk to her, if need be.

It was VERY COOL to have Kris teach me how to fix the Outlook issue that we've had pop up forever and day. He and I talked for ages on the phone last night. And he gave me the steps to fix the problem -- which had shown up on Shannon's computer when I was doing her setup in advance. The issue is that a window displays asking for your Outlook password. And you can enter it, but then it simply displays over and over again. Very annoying!

(This actually happened to ME not that long ago, too.)

I've now neatly typed up the steps to fix this, which I did for Shannon via Remote last night. It was WONDERFUL to know how to do it -- and to have it work! It's happened so many times at the office that I've long ago lost track of how frequent this problem is, so it's no small thing to know the fix for the future. And from here on out I can fix it myself, without needing to count on anyone else.

That's how I prefer to handle these smaller IT problems, of course. I've been doing things like this since the day I took over managing IT back in 2007. And often I'm the one who takes care of such things. I strongly feel Kris needs to be used for the larger issues -- primarily the Server-side issues.

But, again, if I can learn how to do any of the Server things -- the less complicated stuff -- then I like to do that, too. (Like the recent Exchange thing I did for Jeff over the weekend.)

Giving credit where credit is due, Tiffany (one of our interns this year) fixed the dual monitor issue for Alex that I couldn't manage to do via the phone. I'd already fixed it once for her when actually in the office, so it's something I'm able to take care of. But you can't fix dual monitor issues Remotely -- you revert to single monitor when going in via Remote. And I'd tried to help her on the phone and couldn't recall the steps... (sigh) So I'm extremely grateful Tiffany stepped in and helped her out.

Don't ever think I don't appreciate assistance with IT from others in the office. I very much do! And I love it when others either know things I don't, or can be taught things I do know. I'm not out for power or glory about IT. I just want issues fixed when they need fixing! I'm willing to share my knowledge and have always done so whenever possible. I'm happy to report that Tiffany showed Alex what to do, so now TWO people in the office know the fix if this happens again -- to them, or anyone else. The more the merrier!

Well, I suppose I should get to work now. Time's a wastin'...

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