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Still Sick - Still BUSY!

It's that time of year, so it's little wonder that even though I'm still sick, I'm also STILL working and still busy as can be. I've had IT things (per usual), loads of website deadlines -- and unlike last year, I'm back doing the eNewsletter again. That's plenty to keep me busy, needless to say.

The sick thing? Well, the hardest thing at this point is how TIRED I feel. I just feel worn out. Thank heaven for coffee (I've had half a pot today) and Pepsi Max (I'm on can two)! I think my cough has improved, but as I'm done with my antibiotic, it certainly should be, by now! I'm on Azithromycin, which you take for five days (two on the first day, for a total of six pills). I'm also using Advair, plus some over the counter meds.

I'm past the ache-all-over thing, thankfully, which didn't last that long. But I still seem to be restless and am having trouble sleeping soundly. Typical of being sick, I guess. It doesn't help to be stuffed up, of course. Even though the coughing is better, it's hard to breath through my nose.

Marilyn certainly deals well with being under the weather, though. I'm amazed my her. We both took it easy over the weekend, pretty much resting both Saturday and Sunday. I'd say we spent MOST of Saturday sleeping and lying around. But she was up bright and early (and I do mean early) and off to work, while I was still snoozing away. Actually, I was wide awake really early on, but finally managed to read myself to sleep before Marilyn woke...

I did only one work-related thing all weekend. I had to Remote in to work and then to the Server. Then I had to access the Exchange and change Jeff's user profile. We had him set up so his email would forward to a gmail account, but now that he has an iPhone, he doesn't need that anymore -- and, in fact, it was messing things up. So I finally got it changed.

It's not that it's hard to set up forwarding -- or to take forwarding off. It's just done very differently in Small Business Server 2011 than it used to be done in SBS 2003 (which we had until this past November). Plus I don't have much reason to set this up at all, as a rule, so it's little wonder I tend to forget how to do it. (smile)

Today is a hot day in Portland. We were supposed to reach 80°, but I just checked a local station and found we were currently at 79°. Close, anyway!

Yesterday we had the furnace on. Today the thermostat says it's 79° in the house (!!!), so I suppose I could be running the air conditioning (though I'm not). My internal thermostat is still messed up, so I'm not a good judge of the heat. But the sky is blue and it's sunny -- a really lovely spring day! (woo hoo)

I should get back to work, I suppose. I keep meaning to blog daily (sigh), but between work and being sick, I've been crappy at it, yet again. Back in January I was doing great! I blogged each and every day. By February I was starting to get bad, blogging less than half of the month. In March I only blogged five days out of the month (!!!), and in April only two days. It's hard to believe! I've been bad in past years, of course, but I actually rely on my blog to track so many thing in life that I'm dismayed by this turn of events...

There are other things impacting my blogging, such as talking daily on the phone with my friend Shari (never less than twice a day, as a rule -- she's in a convalescent center right now and very lonely) and dealing with both cleaning up here at our Portland house, and working on our new beach house (in Seaside). I am sorry that blogging got the short end of the stick, especially as I have been reading literally a TON of books in recent months! But something had to give, and it seems no matter how much I intend to improve my blogging... (sigh)

I'm off!

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