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What Doesn't Kill Us... (and All That Crap...)

First off, I just discovered that 47 of my icons are now inactive. I have a Permanent account at LiveJournal, but slews of icons -- meaning I do an annual upgrade for more icons. The thing is, we're on a tighter budget now with the beach house, so I'll have to decide if it makes sense to spend the $20 to make them active again... (sigh)

Yeah, I'm an icon maker and I LOVE icons -- no doubt about it. But I used to just use my default icon all the time and I was fine with that. So...

On the 'what doesn't kill us...' side, I'm pretty sick today with the flu (and bronchitis). I did do quite a bit of work, even so. But I spent hours down flat in bed, feeling miserable and sleeping when I could get to sleep. (Being sick sometimes makes me too restless and yucky to get to sleep, I'm afraid.)

Then late afternoon/early evening, I remember I need to do the garbage and recycling (and composting -- ugh) today! So I head off to do cat boxes and gather old food, before bagging tons of garbage. The one can was so heavy I could barely manage to drag it down to the street from the house! Yeah, being sick has made me more of a wimp than usual, I admit.

Being sick makes me less mentally sharp, too. So coding things for the festival website was harder today than usual -- and I made a few (minor, happily) mistakes along the way. Still, the pile of work that needs doing just weighs on me if I don't get to it, so...

Interestingly enough, I've been geared this way in 2012 -- which is why I've been so caught up with my work, I think. I just plow in and keep doing it, no matter what.

Of course, last year I did a bunch of stuff geared toward making the website easier to do in 2012. And it seems to have really worked. Maybe some of that is just a shift in how I view the work, though. I'm less picky about how things are submitted (or I try to be, anyway). We have a very detailed system for that, actually. I wonder if it would help others with huge websites to be more organized if I ever wrote down the steps sometime... ??? There are more than 500 pages at our website, so I'm not kidding when I say it's huge. We have to make a lot of changes each year, so it couldn't be done without a system.

I'm pretty proud of the website. There's no point in pretending I'm not. I think it's evolved into something really organized and accurate and helpful. It means less work in many ways for our Staff, as they can send people to the website for information. And I think it will eventually do away with the need for a Media Guide. There's very little about the festival that isn't spelled out at our website.

I got the latest issue of our festival eNewsletter out today. But I had it 100% ready to go yesterday (including the TEXT-ONLY version), so all I had to do was log into our service and push the button, so to speak. It's interesting creating a text-only of our HTML eNewsletter, by the way. I don't know that I've ever blogged about that. I take the original HTML document and strip out all the code. Then I have to take the Copy and rearrange it to make the most important items display first. In a three-column HTML document, things appear one way, but when you go back to text-only, it's totally different...

Then I have to manually add back in links to various things (that would appear as text links). And finally I have TWO versions, which I load into the engine of the service we use. I'm so used to all this that it's almost second nature, but it does take some time to teach to others...

Okay, I have more to say, but I'm out of steam. Marilyn is home from work and I need to make supper, so I'm outta here for now!

I hope all my LJ Friends are doing well! (hugs)

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