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Yes, I finally signed up this year to do it!

Official NaNoWriMo 2005 Participant

Actually, Marilyn and I had discussed it back and forth and back and forth. Just not sure if we wanted to devote the time to it or not. Then last Wednesday (October 19) I sent her a link to the official site (linked above on the banner). My email comment read:


I don't know...

Reading about it made me really want to consider participating! LOL.

Her comment back read:

it sounds sooooooo cooooool!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd already signed up before I got the email with the subject line:

National Novel Writing Month challenge from Mistress Marilyn

The message read:

Hello CharlieMC,

You've been challenged by Mistress Marilyn to write an entire novel in the month of November.

Think you're up to the challenge? Come to and prove it!?

So guess what the two of us are finally doing starting next Tuesday? (smile)

Considering how much we both love to write, I suppose it's about time! LOL.

I'm really excited! (Can't wait to get started.)

So I suppose I should be getting anything else out of the way right now, so I can totally concentrate on writing during November. But, unfortunately, I've had the flu since Sunday. (Actually, I was sick on Saturday, too, to be entirely honest. Oh well.)

Last Saturday marked the first Auction ever where I wasn't the official recorder -- meaning I actually got to sit at a table during the proceedings! (One of the round dinner tables, as opposed to a table along the wall, working, that is.) It was exciting to finally sit and see the show and relax while eating dinner.

Jenny (the event coordinator) was very gracious about the change. She felt it only fair I should be at the table beside Marilyn, seeing as I've had a paid seat every single year, including this one -- unlike most of the volunteers. (Dinner tickets are $75.)

Marilyn was very 'hands on' with things. She's amazingly creative! She wrote the Auction script and had come up with many of the clever ideas tied to the Rock n' Roses theme -- like giving lighters to bid winners and having them light them at one point, the signs I helped make that named each table after a rock performer (and displayed an album cover), using a performer who could do Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Mick Jagger, putting the Queen and two court assistants in Rolling Stones (tongue) tees and so on.

By the way, I doubt I've ever mentioned it here, but Marilyn's an amazing script writer! She writes scripts for many, many varied events. I wonder if staff and board members even realize she's the mind behind all those scripts? Doubtful, excepting a person here and there. It's like good speech writers (another of her unsung abilities, by the way), who are often under-appreciated...

Marilyn's just a good writer, period.

While fandom knows her for her fanfic -- and many know her for her published articles (etc.) -- she's writing all the time at work. In fact, right now she's working on one of her regular board updates that are so popular. (Sort of done like easy-to-read newsletters for the board, sent out in email form.) She plans to send that out tomorrow...

Well, I believe that part of what improves our writing is to WRITE. That's why we're both enthused about the NaNoWriMo project!

I've decided on my subject yesterday. Based, believe it or not, on a DREAM I had! LOL. Actually, it started out as a nightmare...

I've often thought that if I sat down and wrote out some of my dreams they'd make interesting books. Now I guess I'll have to prove that theory! (grin)

Anyway, this is the first day this week that I've been up and out of bed before noon! I'm feeling much better now, thank God. I hate being sick!

I had a long phone conversation with my sister Sue yesterday. Things aren't going very well for her. (But that's probably another post, entirely...) She sent me the nicest email last night! It really made me feel good. It read, in part:

It seems like I don't know what I would do without you Charlie. I can call and vent if I need to, or just talk about silly things. I do feel like we can make each other feel better just being together. I thought about your new project and I know it will take a lot of your time for the month of November, but I am so proud of both of you for taking it on. You both write so well.

More later.

Love, Sue

Isn't that lovely?
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