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eNewsletter Done? Check. Website Work? It's Gettin' There...

Well, the festival eNewsletter for May 3 (tomorrow) is 100% done and ready to upload. In fact, I may go and do that today, instead of waiting for tomorrow. It turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself.

While working on it -- and since finishing it -- I've been plugging away at the tons of festival website work I need to do. We like to be as close to 'done' with it as we can be during the first part of May each year. NOT that a website is ever really done, but as near as possible, anyway...

People just finally got done with all their Media Guide edits and submissions, so then they turned to website -- which is why I have such a pile suddenly! At the end of last week I was entirely caught up, which may be a first ever!

I'm feeling pretty LOUSY today, I'm afraid. I appear to have yet another cold. Marilyn says I get sick every time we go to the beach house, but I'm totally not ready to blame it on our wonderful Seaside home!!! I was sick back in March and again in April -- and have had a lingering cough. So I'm seeing the doctor this afternoon. We'll see what he has to say...

Speaking of medical things, I got my insurance papers in really FAST this time around -- and they were approved before the beginning of May, which is great (considering I have until the end of May to get them turned in). Go, me!

Marilyn had a woman here at the house today doing medical stuff for insurance purposes (taking her weight, her blood and so on). I wish I'd known earlier yesterday that she was coming -- I would have picked up a bit more. But by last night I was too tired to really care, being honest about it... (sigh)

Speaking of Marilyn, she didn't get home until 9:30 last night. I just stayed at my computer plugging away until she got here -- so we were both pretty tired by then.

I fixed a quick dinner and we were both starved out! Beef tips and potatoes with corn and cottage cheese. Thank God for really GOOD microwave food, by the way. (And old-fashioned canned corn and tub cottage cheese, of course.) When I have more time I usually do more with microwave stuff -- and make it more like food cooked from scratch. (Like adding more veggies to the beef and doing sauces and special seasoning and so on.) But when we're tired and hungry and it's late, I just cook it up and we EAT.

Marilyn had a small salad for lunch and I had some eggs for a late breakfast -- and that's all either of us had eaten prior to dinner. So I'm not kidding when I say we were starving! It's difficult for her to get time out of the office to get anything and we're never ready at home to throw anything together for her to take, I'm afraid. That's a goal, but we haven't come close to reaching it, as yet. And even though I'm here with food in the house, I don't like to break away just to eat. It may sound odd to some people, but I probably eat better when I'm at work than I do when I'm working from my home office. Not sure why that is...

Well, I need to shower and wash my hair and figure out what I'm wearing to the doctor. And maybe actually eat some lunch! Then get back to work! The appointment will drag me away from what I need to be doing as it is, so...

My blogging is pretty BORING right now -- but at least I'm doing it. So that's something!

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