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Busy First Day of May!

Well, I haven't done very well at keeping up with my blogging, I'm afraid. (sigh) But I hope to try and do better during the month of May, anyway. April was AWFUL. And May should prove to be even more busy. Still, the more you do, the more you can do -- as Marilyn always says!

I spent the entire day sitting here in front of my computer working away. I've got an eNewsletter that goes out on Thursday and needs to be checked over tomorrow -- so I need to wrap it up first thing in the morning! I'd say it's about half done or less right now. (sigh)

I did IT tasks during the day, as well. And website updates -- I have piles of those to finish up right now...

But Marilyn and I had a lovely weekend -- her first days off in weeks (with many of those days running 14+ hours each day!). We went down to the beach house on Saturday, our cats Colin and Henry in tow (inside their new crates). They've only been down once before, over Marilyn's bday weekend -- which was the last time we'd been to the house. It felt like we hadn't been in FOREVER! All four of us were pleased to be there and had a nice visit.

Saturday we did little but rest, which was nice after being so busy. Sunday Marilyn and I went to the Astoria Warrenton Crab, Seafood & Wine Festival 2012, which was fun! Marilyn doesn't drink much wine, but I tasted lots of lovely varieties (she sipped a few here and there). Plus we had half crab dinners and lots of other yummy food.

We did go to dinner in Cannon Beach on Saturday night at The Lumberyard, a wonderful restaurant we first visited for Marilyn's birthday. The manager, Vicki, is so sweet with us. There was an error where we waited more than an hour to be seated (!!!), but the entire staff really made up for it -- and we didn't mind.

After dinner we had a nice walk on the beach before heading back home (to our beach house) again...

We stayed over two nights -- both Saturday and Sunday -- not coming home until Monday night. The drive home was not the best ever. BOTH cats howled the whole way home and it was dark and raining. (sigh) We're still not sure why the cats were so upset -- but maybe they wanted to stay on longer! And we always find it hard to come back home to Portland again. It will be nice to get to spend several days there when the festival is over and we have more free time...

I'm still fighting whatever bug I've been dealing with forever (since March, I guess). So I got a doctor's appointment today and sister Sue will take me to it tomorrow afternoon. I hope it's no big deal. Marilyn's worried about my cough, so I'm getting it checked out.

Well, time for bed. I'm worn out and tomorrow promises to be another very busy day!

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