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She's Baaaack! About Time!

Okay, if you've been asking where the heck I am, that's a very good question. Anyway, Charlie is BACK, my friends. And hopefully I'll start blogging on a daily basis again!

It's been really crazy, though. Work has been busy, I was sick twice (!!!) and we've been very tied up with the new beach house.

We had a nice trip over Marilyn's birthday weekend (Thursday, April 5 - Sunday April 8). We also took the cats along for the first time during that trip and it went really well. We have new plastic carriers/crates for them -- and though they aren't in love with those, they were pretty comfortable inside them.

On the trip there poor Henry peed himself at some point and had to lie in it. He never even cried, so we had no clue until we got to the house and let them out. He was glad to be cleaned up! He has a hard time holding it due to his medical condition and medication -- and the drive is about two and a half hours. But there were no issues coming home. (We were more prepared. We'd had a thin blanket under them going there, but had a heavy absorbent towel under them coming back.)

On Easter morning we attended Mass at Our Lady of Victory. The priest, Father Nicholas Nilema, was WONDERFUL! We really enjoyed that.

The weather was PERFECT for that trip and we had so much FUN! I need to share photos, I guess...

Anyway, I should get back to work now. But I do seriously plan to be here more often in the future.

I've certainly missed all of my LiveJournal Friends!!!

I might even try to go back and fill in some blanks for April. It was an interesting and full month!

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