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Great Dinner After a Busy Day...

My work day? Rough. The IT could have gone a lot better, that's for sure...

But the morning with Kirstie (the PR intern) was productive. And she must have called me a 'great teacher' half a dozen times or more... She's doing a terrific job with the eNewsletter and should be able to have it published on time next week, as planned.

I did get Christie's new computer on the network (woo hoo) and mostly set up -- though there are some glitches that are annoying. (sigh)

Her profile didn't roam properly, so she's missing her My Documents and was pretty freaked about that. This is something Kris can fix (he's done it many times in the past), so no worries. My main issue is that he's never shown ME how to fix it, so we don't need to wait on him to get it done. (big sigh)

We've been issues adding printers to new computers, as well. I've been unable to print for weeks now -- and Christie can only print on our RICOH copy machine (which is better than nothin').

There's more, but whatever. There's no point in dwelling on it. Marilyn is in the mix now, so at least we're finally hearing from Kris. Maybe I'll get some of my long list of items resolved -- especially the fact that Marilyn is still unable to Remote (and she's a pretty high priority, frankly).

I made up a long list of IT Projects for Donn to tackle on Friday, so his normal two-hour day will probably be a three-hour day this week. Plus he needs to take some equipment home to work on...

I did get home early (by 6:00), because Marilyn had a 6:30 meeting away from the office she needed to attend, so she dropped me here on her way. She has another late meeting tomorrow night, too...

This weekend sister Sue will stay over in her room at the Beach House for the first time (!!!), so we're all excited about that. We're only staying Saturday night this time around, with neighbor June house-sitting and tending the cats for us (again).

Marilyn's king headboard is in (!!!), so hopefully we'll get that delivered this weekend. It's the last piece of furniture, aside from the bookcases we're getting for my bedroom, for all of my many, many books. (Ralph will buy and put those together, just as he did the ones I have in my office area right outside my room.)

I finished 'book one' of "The Hunger Games" last night. So I've now bought the next two for my Kindle, which means Marilyn and I can also read them on our iPads (and I can do so on my iPhone, too). I've been reading a lot again, which is always nice...

I did a little bit of drawing (!!!) at the beach this past weekend, and hope I keep up with my art. So nice after all these years!

Off to read and sleep!

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