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Busy Day -- Festival Work and More...

I got a lot done today, which is pretty much the mantra this time of year. (smile)

I put all my challenges up at Hubbub again and actually participated there a little bit. I've been too busy (or sick) recently to do much with this, so it's good to get back to it. I'm not pressing myself, though, because I don't have the time to worry about it. I need to help get Kirstie using Hubbub tomorrow.

I did a tiny bit at Pinterest today, just to keep learning about it. I'll review it tomorrow with Kirstie. I didn't set up the festival's official account, but will hopefully get that done tomorrow.

I also messed around a little with Facebook today, trying to get more comfortable with Timeline before my training session with my boss tomorrow. I need to feel relaxed so I can help him feel the same...

The main focus tomorrow will be on the eNewsletter. I imagine we'll put a couple hours into that. I hope Kirstie can grasp the basics of HTML quickly and doesn't feel bothered by using it.

I also took time out today to box up a bunch of books we'll be moving to the beach house. I got two boxes -- one is quite large (almost double a bankers box). That made it nice for the bookshelf I was working out of that's just been bursting at the seams before this!

I also did the garbage and recycling (and composting), and some minor housecleaning -- dusting, picking up, sorting and rearranging. I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher (clearing out the sink) and fixed dinner when Marilyn finally got home at around 9:30 p.m. tonight. She hasn't been home before 8:00 all week, but this was the latest night yet...

I also colored my hair, which really needed it -- using a new hair color. The jury is out, but I think I might really like this product! Time will tell -- then I'll let everyone know what it is, of course.

What am I forgetting? Lots of festival work I haven't bothered to detail, a ton of organizing of emails (as always) -- and there was a Princess announcement today, too. One more to go (tomorrow), then the Court is set for 2012.

I talked to friend Shari twice today (which is better than trying to work in four times in one day). I feel bad for her, but she's bored and I'm swamped -- and those two things are the opposite ends of the world, I'm afraid.

Henry (our cat) was a total 'Lassie' tonight! He was howling away like mad up in the kitchen, while I talked to Marilyn as she changed after work. Suddenly I realize I have taco shells heating in the oven and go dashing to the kitchen! I guess Henry was trying to tell me I was about to burn dinner! (smile)

Both cats needed attention today (they're very needy), so I tried to give each of them some special time without pulling away from work for too long. It seemed to work, anyway.

June is house-sitting and taking care of the cats for us this weekend, which is kind of her. It's nice not to worry while we're away knowing someone is here for us.

I've got a backache -- not sure why. Oh well.

Well, time for a nap. I've got a very busy day tomorrow!

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