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Sometimes Something Has to Give...

Well, as much as I love LiveJournal -- and you all know I do -- it's had to take a backseat recently in my life. (As in 'something's gotta give'...)

Frankly, I hate it when I'm not blogging! This is how I track the things that happen in my little world, so it's a shame when I go for weeks without a single entry...

Last week I had that bug (flu?) that's been going around. I was actually sick starting on March 11 (a week ago Sunday), while Marilyn and I were at the beach house. I spent Monday morning tucked away in my bed in my pink bedroom...

I spent the rest of the week down when we got back, by the way. I only got up to do Princess announcements at the website (yes, it's that time of year again!). Normally I don't stay down, even when I'm sick, so that gives you an idea how nasty this bug was.

I'm pretty much recovered now, though still puny. Marilyn had the bug, too, but missed only a few days of work. She's always such a trooper and pushes herself so hard. I wish I was more like that...

It was strange not going to the beach house this past weekend. But even if we'd been well, we wouldn't have been able to go, as Marilyn was supposed to be doing work-related things both Saturday and Sunday. We've got our blinds installation coming up -- plus the delivery of some furniture that hadn't arrived previously. Marilyn's headboard won't be ready for several weeks, though. But considering how quickly other things have happened, we really can't complain!

I really do want to share photos of the beach house, but I have TONS (hundreds, seriously) -- and it's so slow to upload them here. I've only managed to upload a small portion so far. The house is coming along WONDERFULLY -- Marilyn and I love how everything looks! The painting is done, the new appliances are in the kitchen and most of the furniture is in place. We hung a bunch of art the last time we were down, and started to move books there to put in the bookcases.

Speaking of that -- books for the beach house, that is -- I just packed up some more books to take there. I've got two huge bookcases in my office area (which is the landing just outside my bedroom), so I have room for a lot of books!

Marilyn plans to take her reference books she uses for writing there, so that's what she's been packing. She has a small bookcase outside her bedroom, but there's no reason she can't use my bookcases, too. They aren't really 'mine,' per se, but belong to both of us...

I've taken most of my art supplies there and can't wait to put my hand to doing watercolor paintings again. It's been forever since I even tried a watercolor, which shocks me when I think of it. There's tons of SPACE there for doing art, so who knows? Maybe I'll really get back to it again after all these years.

Donn is in the office today, with tasks I've assigned him to complete. We'll see how well he does with that... (Normally I'm there when he is and will personally make sure he stays on task, which is my job as IT Manager.)

Haven't heard back from Kris on recent emails dealing with the continued issues from our Server being replaced back over Thanksgiving of 2011. It's hard to believe we're still fighting things from that all these months later. We didn't have this kind of mess back when Kent replaced our Server, so I wonder why we're having it now. It could very much be all about the new SBS server software, I guess, fixing things that weren't broken...

Well, I need to get back to work, as I've piles of things to do.

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